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This quotation is from the Los Angeles Times editorial page of June 12, 2005. It is an excerpt from an opinion article concerning the recent announcement by Apple Computer that they will use Intel chips in the future. I thought it a revealing about the internal thinking of the editorial board of the Times.

"We have never understood why people care what brand of chip is inside their computer. It's like buying a car based on its engine; yes, it has to work, and yes, it needs to have a certain minimum level of power, but beyond that, there are more pertinent considerations. Legroom, for instance."

I sense a wide disconnect with the general populace, at least here in southern California. I think most people outside of their building do consider the engine, whether seeking horsepower or efficiency, to be much more pertinent than legroom.

It is disconcerting to me that these people, who appear to be out of touch with reality, propound opinions about other topics that might be taken seriously.

What is your opinion?
Edd Weninger

Edd, this type of thinking is common for a lot of people who look at the automobile as merely an appliance such as a refrigerator. To those folks performance and handling doesn't seem to matter as long as there's room for them and their cup of Starbucks on their morning commute. It's the difference between reading a new car test in Consumer's Report or Car and Driver.
Bill Young

Edd, obviously the priorities for those buyers are not those of a typical MG car enthusiast.
Many car makers sell on the advantages of isolation from the driving experience and many consumers are happy with that which is why some car makers are still in business.

From a personal perspective I enjoy driving and most aspects of car involvemenbt including the routine stuff like maintenance where as my partner is happy to drive to the service dept of the local GM dealer (Holden here in Australia) leave the car and go shopping.
Horses for courses or more appropriately different strokes for different folks!

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

For modern cars this approach is probably true. For example a common rep (salesman) car here, the Vectra, has an engine that comes from Brazil, other components from Europe and the far east. It doesn't really matter too much to the owners. All they care about is that it looks OK and goes.

For computers it does matter though. You can burn the same kind of petrol or diesel in your car no matter who makes the engine. An Apple running an Intel chip won't run the same code as one using the alternatives. It would be like finding your new car won't use petrol/diesel but a whole new fuel.

I read recently that a recent survey found that the primary "commented on" feature of new cars was the number of "cup holders". Does not bode well for the future if true.
Actually that could be a very good definition for a sports car. The degree of absence of cup holders or even the potential for cup holders.

I'm willing to bet that the person who made the comment about legroom would say "What's an MG? You mean GM? Like GMC?" I've even heard that from the kids working at places such as Checker Auto and Napa. They just don't understand and probably never will.
Jeff Schlemmer

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