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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - opinions on these seats

Please help me make a decision on a seat purchase. These are the seats:

I can pick up a new pair of these for 1/2 price from a guy in my club who didn't like the way they fit in his spitfire. I would be using them in my gt v8 project. I think they would fit fine, judging from the dimensions. However, my concern is that there is no adjustability to the seat back. Anyone have any experience with a seat like this? Someday I want to drive this car all over the country and comfort is important. Thanks!
Ryan Reis

Ryan...the "rake" adjustment to the back would be a concern to me as well, especially if you're planning on using the car for any extended road trips, etc. Make sure that you are comfortable in them. They do look as though they would give good support in "spirited" driving.

The seats *look* rather wide for the transmission tunnel of the may want some specific measurements before investing $$.

rick ingram

Ryan, with seats that don't recline the problem is often how to rake them to get adequate thigh support and also a comfortable back angle. It's difficult to tell without the seats installed in the car. If you can work it out you might try just setting one in place and use wood shims to angle it to a comfortable driving position.
Bill Young

Yeah, I'm really having second thoughts on these. It's more important to be comfortable driving to British v8 than it is to autocross, for me at least. The seats are only 19" wide, so they should be okay. I haven't been real in favor of miata or fiero seats, don't like how tall they look.
Ryan Reis

Ryan, I had a Fiero GT a few years ago and found the seats very comfortable on long trips, don't know how they would be in a B, but should be just as good.
Bill Young

On another thread (maybe another BBS) there was a comment that Mr.Mike is willing to sell "one-off" seat kits for Fiero seats that have been reduced in height.

While I am not a proponent of that concept, and have never actually seen one close up, it is an option for you.

rick ingram


I sat in a B roadster at one of the MG events last year which had been fitted with the Corbeau Classic standard seat which is narrower at the top of the backrest. They suited the car well and felt very comfortable, I not sure about the look of the classic 2 seat and whether it would be too tight at the top of the backrest, the base width is ok.

Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson

I debated for 4 years on which seats to go with and ended up with the Fiero units. I actually narrowed the seat bases slightly so they would slide fore and aft as well as the stock units. Mr. Mike made a custom set of covers for me with textured inserts similar to the stock look. I know he'll make them for the Fiero seat with the headrest cut off as well. Very comfortable!!!
Jeff Schlemmer

May be too wide at 21", but has anyone used seats like these that are typically sold on ebay?

I'd be interested in thoughts/opinions from anyone who's tried them or researched them.

I looked into buying a set of those. I couldn't find JDM seats listed anywhere but Ebay. I believe they are cheap injection molded plastic seats, and yes, they are too wide to fit in a B. I even saw them on sale at the local Checker auto a few months back for Either $129 or $139 under the APC branding. That's cheaper than the $290 for this set delivered.

I would guess that these seats flex considerably, and that their quality and strength is suspect at best (for that price.) Personally, I want a seat that doesn't move when you push on the brake pedal, no matter how heavy it may be!
Jeff Schlemmer

I had purchased a 79 midget a couple of years back where the previous owner had installed the seats that Vic Brit sells known as Suffolk seats. I removed the seats to fit them into the 80B of ours, but had to widen the frame one inch. They are not too tall and do offer much needed support. Great long distance cruising seats.

What about Miata seats... do they fit & is there anyone that does sportier looking leather or balistic type cloth covers for them?

If they fit, anyone able to comment on comfort of Miata vs. Fiero seats? I like the shape of the Miata seats better than the Fiero ones but comfort is important too.

As my daily driver is a Fiero I can recommend the seats as being very comfortable. Unfortunately they take up 20" of space and I have but 19" in the MGA frame.

I tried 914 seats which do fit although too tal for my car and that may be another option.

I haven't got around to trying Miata yet but believe they are 19" or less. My problem is that with the very low roofline of the Jamaican body I can't have anything more than a thin pad or my head will hit the roof, so I have vertical as well as horizontal constraints. I have heard from several people that the Miata seats work wel for them though.

Another one, harder to find, are Lotus Elan seats.
Bill Spohn

For more info on seats, especially Miata vs Fiero, click on archives at the top of this page. Go to 2006 & scroll down to a thread wiht 27 posts called "seats".
Carl Floyd

That's a great set of info from the archives Clint. At 5'8" I think I'll go with Miata seats since i like the look a little better, they're a little narrower & they're more pleantiful so I should be able to find a better deal.

I'm guessing Mazda changed the seat designs a coupel of times over the years... any particular year ranges more preferable than others? If so, what years & what makes them more preferable (e.g., maybe they only had electric lumbar support after a certain year or something like that??)


Just to throw in another option, I saw a nice set of Saturn black leather seats installed in a B. They fit well and looked like they belonged.
Kelly Combes

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