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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Original Colours - Components

Having recently bought a 1972 MGB GT for restoration to original colours, I would appreciate any help on identifying original (factory) colours as follows:

Engine Block
Cylinder Head
Starter Motor
Oil Cooler
Horns & Brackets
Rocker Cover
Timing Cover
Cylinder Head Side Covers
air filter Housing
Heat Shield
Clear Box Casing
Fan & Fan Pulley
Water Pump Drive Assembly
Prop Shaft
Back Axle
basically everything.

Chassis No is GHD 5 287246 G
Commission No G23D 054558
Engine No 18(V or G?) 582-F-H-3062

You will do better to post this on one of the MGB sections, not this which is specific to V8s.......
David Smith

It's an MG, just cover everything under the hood with old motor oil and dump your vacuum cleaner bag over it. It'll look authentic. Seriously, most engines were painted as assemblies, you will probably find that with the exception of the starter and alternator the rest of the engine would all be the same color, for a '72 i'd say probably dark red. The rest of the chassis parts were most likely black as this is what I've seen on most chrome bumper B's.
Bill Young

Have a look at the book called "The Original MGB" by Anders Clausev(spelt somehow like this. This book is excellent and it will give you all the info you need.



....Anders Ditlev Clausager......
David Smith

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