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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - OT: MG V8's are for pussies

Well sort of... compared to the balls required to pilot this thing.


Scott Wooley

Well now that is totally nuts. Wonder how it handles in the curves?

Jim Blackwood

Betcha he doesn't have enuf kahunas to take it on the Tail of the Dragon!

rick ingram

Was on a website a couple weeks ago, guy from- I think, New Zealand- had a jet powered beer icer for his garage. Wish I could find the link...

Here it is

Is Guiness served extra cold in the UK?
greg fast

I like the pizza cutter front wheels, as if youre going to be able to just turn the steering wheel and its going to track right where you want it to. I would love to see some video of someone testing it.

I hear ya, Jake.

Understeer would be an understatement!
Carl Floyd

Reminds me of the urban legend where the guy straps the surplus rocket engine to the roof of the car out in the desert: It all went well until the 90 degree turn a few miles down the road....


The angle of the engine should give some turning authority to the front wheels. Probably just about enough to allow the high thrust center to radically overpower the roll center with predictable results. Wonder where he found an abandoned runway to do the test run?

Jim Blackwood

Too funny. As a kid, I watched a friend try and run his small bore Harley on rocket fuel. He never got it started. Lucky for him.
Bob Scott

This is (supposedly) the origin of the rocket car legend:
Rob Edwards

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