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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - OT sort of: Moto-Lita steering wheel

Not really a engine swap question, but let's face it, a lot of folks doing engine swaps also redo the interior, so hope you don't mind me posting this here...

There's a Moto-Lita 14" steering wheel on ebay that looks to be in good condition... i haven't research I know i want a wood rim steering wheel, but haven't researched them yet... this one is the older style with the smaller diameter rim (the part you hold onto). I've read a post or two about some newer Moto-Lita's & MOMO's & others having a bigger diameter that's more comfortable... anyone have opinions on how significant or noticeable the difference is?

I guess it really depends on how large your hands are. I have rather large hands and prefer the larger section wheels, find I get finger cramps with thin rim wheels. I have a thick rim wood wheel on my midget and find it very comfortable, although it can get a bit slick in warm weather unless I wear driving gloves.
Bill Young

I have the smaller diameter motolita wheel on one of my MGCs. I like the looks, but I use padded bicycling (or weight lifter) gloves with no fingers when I drive as the wheel is just too small in grip for me, personally.

rick ingram

I just restored an older MotoLita with the small rim. As beautiful as it is, I can't stand to drive with it. The rim is only about 3/4" in diameter. I'm going to have to get rid of it or wrap it in leather.
Jeff Schlemmer

I use 13" Moto-Lita steering wheel, 195/55x15 Yokohama tyres, I don't have problems.

michel, is the horn push in the centre ? I've got moto lita horn issues.

I have a polished motolita wheel with a wood rim. Its a 15 inch one, with the usual 'thinner than modern' outer wood rim with brass 'rivets' all around. I love it and would not swap for anything. It gives you a real delicacy of feel and looks a million dollars. Infact I did not really start to fix up the interior (rough enough was good enough) until i got the motolita. Now I've got a real chrome dials /polished metal against black theme going in the interior. Replaced the door handles and winders with metal chrome ones. I even polished up the gear lever!
For the centre of the wheel boss I didn't much like the small motolita MG badge so I used the much larger chrome badge off the front of the rubber bumper. I kept it from when I changed over to chrome bumpers, but they are readly enough availiable. I substituted stainless dome nuts for the back of the wheel. Ended up looking a little like it should be on a TD.
Make Jeff an offer?

'Plus 4' in Dingly ave Dandenong (Melbourne Australia) makes/sells a boss adaptor kit plus centre horn button for motolita wheels. shaped black anodised aluminium with a centre button (that I glued my rubber bumper badge to )

Do you have a web site address?

This may be null and void though - I examined the fit closely and there is a gap of about 2 cm between the rear of the wheel and switch covers when fitted.

I don't know if this is terminal because when I fitted the old wheel the gap was still there ??

I cant see a way to move the indicator housing up the column to close the gap and yet I'm sure both steering wheels were on as far as they would go, even the original.

No, I use the later type indicator switch with horn push on the end of the stalk.

Not on net, phone book?. However you could make up your own horn push easily enough. some sort of push button (may be from an SAAS wheel, they are pretty generic)glued or screwed to the back of the motolita centre (that would have a hole cut in the middle)Or you could make your own centre bit, it's just a circular disk after all. Pick your favourite cast MG badge and attach it to the push button, through the motolita centre, with a spacer. You only need a few mm movement to activate the horn and so long as the badge is larger than the hole in the motolita bit, it would look vey professional cause all the rough edges or screws would be hidden. My centre disk is ever so slightly larger (1 ot 2 mm) than the centre hole in the steering wheel and has a sharpish edge so it locates on top of the wheel but under the outer centre ring. Clamped in place by those ten (?) screws

wrt the other problem, is the boss going on far enough?. Maybe someone in the past moved the storks furthur down the column, move them back?

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