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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Oz / NZ car electronics book.

ISBN: 095852294 4. Cost is A$ 19.80 and NZ$ 22.00. Both prices include GST.
Availability: From most larger newsagents and booksellers in Australia and N. Z

Published in 2004 Performance electronics for cars is aimed at the DIY car enthusiast and uses examples from cars built and sold in Australia and New Zealand.

The authors are Julian Edgar (who also wrote 21st. Century Performance and is a part contributor to the worlds largest performance car website) and John Clarke (who is an electronics engineer working for the publisher Silicon Chip magazine) who is not as far as I know the NZ born satirist also named John Clarke.

The book is A4 format , all colour , 160 pages and 23 chapters in 4 main sections.
The first section covers how engine management systems work and basic electronic kit building and operation , using a multi meter , etc.
The second section covers meters and instruments like: EFI duty cycle meter ; EFI fuel mixture meter and high temperature thermometers also good for brake temps.
The third section covers switches and timers like: temp ; voltage; throttle change rate ; speed sensitive switches
The fourth section covers modifiers and controllers like: digital fuel rate adjuster ; nitrous oxide fuel controller ; intelligent turbo timers etc.

All items covered are available in kit form from Jaycar electronics who also have a website Free call: 1800 022 888 and offer websites and free call numbers for: NZ, (: Free call: 0800 452 9227)
UK, ( Free call: 0800 032 2741)
USA and Canada:, ( Free call: 1800 784 0263.)

The book is aimed at cars already fitted with electronic functions but there are many instances cited where a kit may have alternative uses. The timer switch kits may be used for anything from an interior light , headlights , cooling fan or fans , etc. as well as the intended use for turbocharger cool down timers.
There are also modifications suggested which may be used for a variety of applications. One switch can be modified to activate on a rising value , a falling value or a range between two variably switch able values.

This bit is the usual disclaimer: I am not associated in any way , manner , shape or form with any of the authors (apart from the occasional visit to ) , Jaycar electronics (apart from being an infrequent customer ) Silicon Chip magazine (apart from being an infrequent reader).

I post this in the hope someone may find something useful herein.

Cheers , Pete.

Peter Thomas

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