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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Painless Wiring

Has anyone used the 12 or 18 circuit Painless Wiring harness as a substitute for the stock MG repro? In my BGT I'm using a 2.8 Ford V6 and automatic trans, Auto Meter Gauges and A/C the stock harness would need to be heavily modified anyway and since the PW comes with modern connectors and fuses, I thought that this would be the way to go.
Bob Cline

I have and like it so far. I think electricity is magic and have not fired up the car so who knows what mistakes I have made. The box is a bit large and I fabricated a mounting ledge on the right side of the car so that I could open the hood and look right at the box. The directions are a bit basic and assume you know what you are doing. Nice thing is that they assume you need fuses for halogen headlights and electric fans and A/C. I bought mine from Summit and I don't remember it costing much.
Dick Porter
Dick Porter

I used the 12 circuit in my '62 sprite. Easy. Cheap. Good directions. Bought mine from Summit.

Great kit. Wires come level. Need to use your B diagram.
Bill Guzman

I bought mine maybe 4 years ago or longer. Hot Rod 12 circuit. $240 maybe? Installation took about a week because I lacked terminal ends and such, if you have everything that you need it shouldn't take longer than 2-days if you work on it P/T. My interior is stripped so that helped when I yanked the wires out, cut time. My fuse panel is mounted inside the car where the radio used to be, bolted to the steel reinforcement bracket for the tranny tunnel. Right next to it I fabricated a switch box that houses a headlight "pull-out" switch, and 10 toggle switches rated at 30 amps and 2 more toggles rated at 40 amps or so. I ran the wires that go to the back of the car on the inside verses the OEM outside under the car job.

I am using the ignition key and the turn signal switch and the rest are manipulated by toggle switches. I did not connect the wipers, defroster/blower motor, rear window defroster, oil pressure sender (electric), electric water pump, 2nd electric fuel pump, and maybe the A/C wire but I don't remember the A/C wire too well. I also used the "dash" wiring harness but it wasn't needed since I had to splice and modify anyways for the MGB instrumentation. I used harness plugs whenever I could, they were purchased from the local electronics outlet.
James D.

Thanks for the info, folks. For the few bucks additional, I think I'll be buying the 18 circuit. Summit's price is around $270.

Running the wires inside seems like a smart thing to do since I'll be using the loom space underneath for the second exhaust and shifting the gas tank laterally for the muffler/exhaust pipe clearance.
Bob Cline

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