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I am looking for a set of points and condensor for my Rover 3.5 with a Lucas 35D8.
I contacted the Rover dealer in Vancouver who told me to try the local British Car Parts supplier who told me to try another parts supplier. That resulted in a quote of $35.00cdn. Certainly in Britain there must be a place someone knows about who I can contact via e-mail and make arrangements to have the points ship to me in Canada for less than that?
Thanks in advance

Bruce Mills

Bruce Mills

Try Jim Robinson in N Ireland, always been pleased with his service.

Try Rovers North in Vermont - . Their online catalog lists points @ $11.50 US and condenser @ $3.61 US. I plan to order a set soon. I have a pertronix for my distributor but want to first set it up on a machine using points before installing the engine. I'll then keep the points as spares in case the electronics die on the road - simple swap back.
Were the scanned manual pages of any use?
Phil O

Commonly and cheaply available in the UK, from outside I'd try Clive Wheatley on Phone (your dialling code for the UK) 1746 710810 or Fax 1746 710999. He regularly exports.
Paul Hunt


Try Martyn Harvey at

He's in Waterloo, ON and the Canadian distributor for Clive.

I'll send you some updated pics of the project. Car is home, engine is in and bits are being installed. Must get to work, ABFM at VanDusen is coming up in May!!

Simon Austin

Hi Simon

I did try Martyn but he didnít have any. I have sent a few e-mails out but havenít received any replies. Probably due to the weekend. With the suggestions from the board I am sure I will locate some. They are just back up for my Pertronics.
Please do send the pictures of the car.

Bruce Mills



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