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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Possible MGB/Jeep Inline 6 conversion

Hey guys

After sitting back and realizing that a MOSS charger kit for my original 4 cylinder motor in the 71 BGT I am working on is just not what I am looking for, I have come across a Jeep 4.0L 6 cylinder engine.

Im curious as to anyone who has had experience with a MGB conversion using this motor. I seem to remember someone mentioning such a swap, but if anyone has any input or suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative.

Zack Ard

Zack, I am using the Jeep 4.0 in my MGA conversion. From initial measurments I think it would be a little long for a B engine compartment, but certainly could be made to fit. You'd have to use the C hood for clearance for sure. My problem is with carburation. I wanted to use side draft carbs and ran into clearance issues at the front because of the slope of the hood. Wound up using Webers instead of the 3 Strombergs I had planned. From research I have done you need to find the engine and matching 5 speed from a 2WD, mostly Commanche pickups. The '88 and later versions used a slightly better transmission than the '87 version I got, but either will work. Since this engine was used in AMC vehicles for many years, non-computer distributors and carbs are around from these cars. Also, V-belt accessory drive components were used on these cars instead of the serpentine system used on the later Jeeps. Weight seems to be within range of the original 4 cylinder, as the front springs show little or no compression with the engine installed in the chassis. I'd be glad to offer any more information if you're interested, e-mail me off the board if you wish.
Bill Young

No direct experience on this but the subframe may well be in the wrong place for the longer engine as it was for the inline six in the MGC variant.

Still an interesting project and I wish you well with it.
Please post how it progresses.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

My answer is fr more generic then Bill's but just items to consider.

Alot of us are using the common GM 60 degree V6 motor that should presumably have less weight to it over the straight 6, a lot less bodywork and makes a nice conversion with all kinds of parts available including installation kits. There are others that have used straight 6 Datsun motors (so i hear) with a bit of work, the BOP/R V8 and the Ford 302 V8. We even havea local with a Chevy V8, but I reccomend staying away from that.

I hear alot of people say "I have this ..... motor sitting in the back corner (or can get a great deal on it!) and would like to do this conversion." OK, thats great if you don't mind doing all the footwork yourself and building a new road. That Jeep motor will need a different intake possibly, air filter, flywheel, clutch, bellhousing, HTOB or cable clutch and fork, gearbox, shifter, driveshaft, radiator(with altered inlet/outlet), hoses, tachometer, gauges and sensors, most exhaust manifolds will not work so lots of special fitting header work will need be done, exhuast system, so on and so forth. Most of these items can be individually answered by people here that have access or answers to certian similar projects, but your overall proposed project is different. (I think I am starting to repeat myself from past threads!)

You don't ask specific questions, other then if anyone has had experience. I cannot answer that for the Jeep 4.0, but can tell you that costs for ANY conversion will more then likely exceed the $3000 price tag on a supercharger conversion and FAR more time (try 10 hours for supercharger or 200+ hours for a conversion). So maybe asking you how much time (of your own or a specialists- thus keeping the car undriveable) and money you want to spend would be able to help people give you a generic answer....
So how much time and money do you want to spend?


BTW: Bill, what model year 4.0L are you using?

BMC Brian McCullough

Two observations: Jeeps (at least the later ones I'm familiar with -- I used to work in the parts dept at a Jeep dealership) used a HTOB as standard. Also, time and money are freely interchangeable. The less of one you have, the more of the other you'll need... ;-)
Rob Edwards

Brian, my 4.0 came out of an '87 Commanche 2WD. Picked up a non-computer distributor from a Pacer at the same time.
Rob, not familiar with some of the acronyms used, what's HTOB?
Zack, there are several configurations of exhaust manifolds available, you can probably find one that will fit instead of having to build custom headers.
Bill Young

Hydraulic Throw-Out Bearing
Rob Edwards

You might find some interesting performance options at Clifford Performance in Corona California. I used some of their stuff on a 258 I6 back in the 80's. They still exist AFAIK. Specialized in I6's

Good luck,
Edd Weninger

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