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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Quad Carbs

Toying with the Idea of Quad 45 DRLA Carbs.
I have a fibreglass Bonnet/hood so should be able to cut holes for air filters.
I have read that this is the best carb setup for the 3.9 but alas its very expensive.
Anyone with experience of this setup.


Many moons ago. If you are building a race car, a great vintage setup. Not streetable at all. It's a setup built for running wide open. And, if you can find one, you'll pay. I've only seen a couple for sale in the past few years.

Kelly Combes

Mark, I've thought about this type of setup because the looks are wild. I would use the inclined Mogoletsi manifold with 4 TWM throttle bodies that incorporate separate injectors for each throat and run a programmable fuel injection computer to dial in the system. htat way you would have the look of four Webers and the smooth running and tunability of fuel injection.
John Perkins

This thread was discussed between 27/08/2003 and 28/08/2003

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