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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Quaife Diff oil

What oil should I use in a Quaif LSD? With both wheels off the ground it sounds like a bag of spanners when one is turned! There is no noise when driving so I am hoping that some oil will fix it. Also on turning one wheel the other turns in the opposite direction. I know that a normal diff will do this but was under the impression that with an LSD both would turn in the same direction - or is it just shot? Or maybe the PO was being economical with the truth when he said that there was an LSD in there. Or perhaps Quaifs are different? Can anyone enlighten me?

Ian Thomson
ian thomson

I use Motul Gear 300 oil, 100% synthetic SAE75W90 in my Salibury rear axle with Quaife ATB diff. I don't have an answer to the other question. After oil change remove the casing for seeing if the Qaife is there.

I phoned quafe when it was time for an oil change and they said to use ordinary hypoid 90.
My wheel goes the other way as well!


Thanks to both of you. It is heartening to hear that my diif "MAY" be OK. Can anyone else shed any light on which way wheels should turn with an LSD?

Ian Thomson


Talk to Quaiffe - they are in my experience very helpful, rebuild costs are very reasonable.

I use valvoline race EP90 which includes their limited slip diff additives - so far no problems.


Dave Brooke

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