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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - radiator hose bleed valve

This has come up before but could not find it in the archives, does anyone know where i can get a radiator hose bleed valve in the UK?

I have got an airlock somewhere in the cooling system. my top hose is the highest point so this seems to be the best place to start after everyones help on a previous thread.

Also when i got it hot the other day to try and work on this problem and took off the overflow tank cap i was expecting some pressure being released, but nothing. i have a 15psi cap fitted, maybe it is not sealing. or am i being a bit dumb and the pressure was released earlier to the overflow?

GLG Lavis


I got a copper T piece same diameter as the hose, with a smaller outlet on top with solder ring, and a bleed valve to fit it from B+Q.

Liam H


Just a thought, are you trying to fill the system through the expansion tank, if so that probably won't work especally if you have the wrong top hose connector on the inlet manifold.

I suggest you unbolt the hex cap on the header tank of the radiator, and with the front of the car raised fill the system from there and squeeze the top hose a few times and top up until the top hose feels free of air then replace the hex headed cap. Also make sure you have the expansion tank about half full, my car seems to maintain that level and any extra just gets blown out.

Kevin Jackson

I used a similar setup to Liam's on my midget. Used the copper "T" and mounted the neck from an old radiator to it so I now fill the system from there. Plugged the cap on the radiator.

Bill Young

I use an inline filler from Summit, I was finally able to get all of the air out of the system.

Jake Voelckers

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