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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - radiator mounting brackets

I have a 76 mgb roadster I am going to convert to V-8 215 buick power. I need to know where I can get the metal 77-80 style radiator brackets, part #s HZA 4514 & HZA 4515. SICP had these in there catolog, but I can not contact them, are they out of buisness now?
Also I picked up a 77-80 style radiator at a swap meet, can I convert this to use with the V-8. I have heard about swaping tanks?, what is involved here?



I donít know if Special Interest Car Parts is still in business. If you can find a car in a salvage yard you can cut the radiator mounts out. Some of the conversion specialist supply them or make brackets for mounting the radiator. Of course you can make your own. They will not look stock, but neither will other areas of the conversion.

Modifying the radiator is a job for the radiator shop. They do work like this all the time. The V8 water pump draws coolant from the right side of the radiator rather than the left as the four cylinder motor does, so the tank needs to be turned backwards. Before reconnecting the tank, the hose connector must be moved so it is on the motor side and the hole patched. The top tank also needs reversing so coolant enters it on the left. '77 - '80 MGB radiators have a connector that goes to the expansion tank and the temperature sender that controls the fans. Moving the expansion tank connector isnít necessary, but will look cleaner if you are mounting the expansion tank in the standard position.

George Champion

I put a V6 Buick in a 1971 MGBGT and used a factory V8 radiator that I got from CARS (800 882 1349), they were actually running a special on them when I bought it! The new radiator only cost $140.00!
It was very easy to make the brackets for it.
I haven't yet figured how to put a link to where there's a picture of my engine compartment, so I'll e-mail it to you.
Randy Forbes

The origianl rad brackets should be available as a genuine new part courtesy of the Heritage organisation. Try any Heritage approved dealer.

Roger Parker

just a follow up on the brackets, I found them at D&D Fabrications (810-798-2491) for $38.00 a pair. theses are the original Heritage ones for the 77-80 MGBs. I made a few phone calls to other supplyers without any luck, although I am sure someone else should have them.
I also ordered a rebuilt water pump while I had him on the phone, I am sure mine would have started leaking as soon as I fire up the motor.
Thanks for the help guys, I am slowly getting my parts together to bolt this baby up.


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