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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - re-routing brake pipes

I have just put new pipe lines in and am not following the original path of the old ones, I am putting the 3 lines down the route of the clutch pipe (right hand corner of engine bay)and for the nearside brake running across the front member. My question is; Is there any good reason why i should not go this way? The original pipe for the nearside went across the top of the bay over the heater which seems a long way around.

Would appreciate any feedback as the engine is going in next week.

Thanks in advance
GLG Lavis


I didnt follow the original brake line route either. For the LH brake the line goes back from the master cylinder, across in front of the heater and then through the inner wing just above the suspension. RH goes forward and through the inner wing. The master cylinder is the twin circuit version with integral servo.

Geoff King

It will depend on your exhaust type.
I'm using RV8 through the guards style.
I ran my passenger side forward and down then across the front crossmember, and the drivers side , forward and down. No choice with the rear (with the clutch line)
All this to get the lines as far away from the exhaust as possible.
Also having a line under the heater had real potential for damage when fitting/removing the motor.

I also use RV8 type manifolds through the inner wings and re-routed the brake lines to avoid the exhaust heat. Perhaps I didnít explain the route for the LH line properly, I didnít mean under the heater, I meant in front of the heater on top of the ledge in the bulkhead Ė if it was damaged installing the engine there would be a lot more damage than just the brake line. :)

Geoff King

Dispite every effort to the contary I managed to fetch the damn pipe about 4 good whacks with the 1800 engine when I was getting it out, even managed to get the pipe caught on a projection. Sometimes it is as if though this car is possessed of a boggart, or something. Anyway I got a bit Scarlet O'H and "from this day forth...etc..."

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