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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - rear sub frame

I'm still planing to do some kind of engine conversion on my midget. Most of you guys are changing out the rearends, are you using the mg leaf springs or are you using coil springs? That brings up the question of are you doing some kind of 4 link system, and would you have to build some kind of subframe for it? I know the midget leaf springs would not be strong enough. Even though I have a midget, I thought you guys would have some ideas on rearends and sub frames.
Stan Williams

Stan, the most sensable solution for all the way around is a 5 link rear suspension.
this can be accomplish by using the exixting front leaf springs mounts, the rear bulkhead, and the axle. these are the primary points of attachment. and coil overs.

The 5 link can be made adjustable for traction (drag race) or road course. IRS requires a good solid stiff chassis.
Bill Guzman

Thanks Bill. Am I correct in that the 5th link is the panhard bar? Would I have to fabricate all this or would I have to modify an existing system?
Stan Williams

Stan, unless you plan on autocrossing or racing your car I would retain the Midget leaf springs. Adding lower locating links (traction bars or anti-tramp bars) and a panhard rod should give you all the axle control you need. Converting to tube shocks will also help. If you plan on keeping a 13" wheel, then I recommend the Chevy Monza type axle because you can save the expense of having the bolt pattern re-drilled. It's also a standard GM 10 bolt with a lot of ratio's and limited slip differentials available. There is a photo of this installation on my Midget on the MG Engine Conversion web site.
Bill Young

Stan, correction. I didn't get the rear suspension photo on the site. If you drop me a line I'll send you a photo via e-mail.
Bill Young

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