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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Remove steering wheel

I'm trying without succes to remove the stock steering wheel from my 1977 B. So far, after removing the rubberized? center cap and the 1 inch retaining nut. I want to reuse the wheel (actually don't want to spend $ on another one). But I drilled 2 holes and am using a steering wheel puller but so far it hasn't budged. Is there something else besides the center nut that must be addressed?

You might ask why I'm removing it. The high/low beam part of the indicator-high/low beam/horn switch broke and the headlights stay on.


Rick Meek

The wheel is held in place by tapered splines,and, if not removed for a long time, is almost impossible to dislodge. First, try spraying a rust buster onto the end of the shaft. It probaby won't work, but what the hell.

You need a large hammer, a 2 lb drill hammer with a short handle is best, and a steel punch, around 1/4".
Sit in the seat with your knees hard under the steering wheel. Place the punch in the center of the steering shaft and strike very hard with the BFH. It is very important to apply lots of upward pressure with your legs when striking. 3 or 4 good hits will pop most wheels. Try to hit the punch & not your hand, as hitting your hand will not loosen the wheel. It is a good idea to replace the nut on the shaft- only 1 or 2 threads- so the wheel does not hit your face when it finally lets go.

Good luck.
Jim Stuart

Got the wheel off.
Applied penetrating oil (GUNK). Still no success with Jim's method(the same mentioned by others) I went back to the steering wheel puller. Applied lots of pressure to no avail . As it was getting dark decided to wait. So reduced the puller pressure to ~30 ft/lb. and waited 2 days. Then moved the wheel side to side a few times and barly started to turn the puller and the wheel popped off. Waiting for the penetrating oil to work and keeping the puller on it seemed to help.


Good show!
rick ingram

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