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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Replacement for a Motorola alternator?

I need to replace my alternator. If there is something higher-capacity I would like that. I currently have a Motorola 55amp unit, in the regular (starboard-upper) location. As you know, you can't use a longer alt because either the pulley will be too far forward or it will foul the front of the starboard valve cover. Additionally, bonnet clearance is theoretically an issue; the Motorola is pretty small. Is there anywhere that sells Motorolas? Or is there something more powerful that would work? I'm totally confused here. Many thanks if someone can clarify.
Bill Withum

You could use a delco if you didn't mind the trouble of
relocating the altenator, I think you can get brackets from D&D. My Motorola was near death when I was at Sebring this year. My brother helped me out & knew of
a place in Orlando that serviced & sold these units.
They overhauled mine for around 80 bucks(that's turning the brush rings, bead blasting the case, replacing the brushes & diode pack) while I waited.
You could find a place in your location that could do the same or contact TRS Inc. 6330 Silver Star Road, Orlando FL. 32818 407-298-5490 / 800-749-5490.
Hope this helps.
Dwigt McClain

Thanks Dwigt. I don't see how I could relocate the bloody thing in my crammed engine bay but maybe there's a way ... I'd love to go to a 1-wire Delco and have the peace of mind that just about any greasy gas station in our realm would have a replacement. Today I took the car over to an alt. shop and the best that they can do is rebuild the Motorola into a 75-amp unit ... they'd just gut another new alt (it's from another company, something like Valeo, that bought the rights to manufacture Motorola designs) and stick the innards into mine. But that'd be $150 just to get 20 more amps. Still, now that I have converted to a quad-8" cooling fan setup, just turning on the car I'm out 30 amps ... then you add 120W headlights, blower fan, MSD box, electric fuel pump, stereo w/sub, yadda yadda and you're talking about needing some real amperage. (Nevertheless, with kudos to my existing 55A unit, I've never seen the red charging light come on, which must mean that it's somehow keeping up.)
Bill Withum

Bosch and later (much later) Lucas have dimensions that allow fitting within the original position in front of the right rocker cover. Fittings are the same and handing can be swapped by removing the through bolts and turning the two halves of the unit against each other before refitting the through bolts. The only question relates to the electrical plug on the rear of the unit.

Most should have a common three point fix with two big and one small spade terminals. Ratings go from 45 to usually 65 amp with these connections or from there up to about 125 amps with a single main bolt on feed wire of much larger dimension, plus the brown/yellow wire for the ignition lamp.

Roger Parker

Nippondenso makes a nice compact unit used in Geo's which can be used on the left side in a simple underslung mount from the cylinder head. Tucks in there very nicely.
Jim Blackwood

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