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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Required, Words of Wisdom

Hi! I have a 1975 MGB which I am considering dropping a V6 into. I have read many articles and talked to a few people about this swap. I know many people have done this swap already and they are usually willing to talk about their experiences.
I am interested in using a GM 3.1L or 3.4L carbureted V6.
I heard there may be some out there with an aluminum block. Anyone know if this is true?
I wonder about the speedometer, oil pan, radiator, etc., etc. Thanks in advance to all replies.

Gerry, the alloy block can be purchase directly from a GM dealer.
I know a S-10 truck that runs off road, Baja etc.
The bare block weights 50lb this blocks are very expensive. the alloy block was used in IMSA racing.
I don't know of anyone whit an MG using a alloy block.
But perhaps there is someone who has one.
Bill Guzman

Funny I thought this section was for V8's??
nigel griffiths

Nigel, this section has been used for a long time by people who want to discuss all kinds of MGB conversion projects. In my view they are welcome. I think that it is completely in the spirit of the BBS and as the V8 Board is quite slow moving it doesn't cause any problem.

If you have nothing good to say, say nothing!
Nick Smallwood

Now Now Girls!!!
Leslie Cole

The aluminium block is not neccisary in order to loose weight from your MGB. The cast iron version of the V6 block, heads and 5 speed manuel gearbox are lighter then the MG B 1.8L Motor and overdrive gearbox. Although I have not weighed the block, I have picked up a bare V6 block and a bare MG B 1.8L next to each other and found them to have a very close weight, the MG B actually felt heavier. As Bill mentioned earlier, the aluminium block is only avalible from GM.

I cant believe how slow the conversion section has been. Did everybody take a vacation or what?
Brian Mc Cullough

Responses as expected~!!
Personally I consider all Abingdon MG's to be at a stage in their life when they should simply be venerated- removing a MG engine and installing an Isuzu diesel et al-is basically bastardizing a part of automotive history, the more I get to know other MG owners and even my own car, and MG history in particular, the more I appreciate the sheer feeling of
nostalgia imparted -I think that is why we drive and buy classics, thats all-
nigel griffiths

Nigel, do you carry sick bags in your car? I should if I were you.

Hear, hear! If God had intended the MGB to have a V6 engine, he would have created it with one, now wouldn't he!
The Silver Haired Old Purist

Brian The reason this section is quite is if anyone asks a question they are told to go to the archives this is all well and good but it is nice to converse with people. Probably more people looking at the archives than participating in this section just my 2p

I wonder how many of these vehicles would even be here if they had not been modified, let alone ever becoming part of Automotive History. Your geographic location usually determines the most economical transplant option. Using locally available, cheap engines and gearboxes, with good spares availability, makes sense. If that happen to be a V6, then so be it.

I take it since the board is called:
MGB-GT V-8s and V-8 Conversions
Questions regarding the fitting of a GM V8 diesel would not have raised any objections.

I must confess I did have to get a dictionary out to find out what venerate meant.

Nick Smallwood

nigel and the silve old purist, obviously neither of you drive a v8 roadster, as god never created this one. me, i just want to take the triton v10 out of my f250 and install it in my midget.

Jim, In certain States its illegal to install thing into a midget-anyway I'm off to bed to snuggle up to my MG -I mean wife, and yes God drives a V8 cos it sounds heavenly bom bom
peace to you all, even Harris, UK
nigel griffiths

Hey - read your MG history - the B was designed originally to take a V4 engine - that is why the bay is so wide!

The fact it ended up with the boring old straight 4 was one of cost and petty inter company squabbles - the V4 was an Austin design!
Chris Betson

Wasn't the straight four also an Austin design?
James Johanski

I as checked me geographical location and it is Staines.I is havin to follow Nicks good advice and make some changes to me gt, need more space for me bitches, and a woppin big motor to move it as de v8 is too puny-wot about a stretch and a V12 is only a mg innit??

God drives a TC, IIRC.

OK Everybody,
For my smart Alac responses:
Check out the archieves so I don't have to actually give a response. :-P

back to the actual conversion: The speedometer is fairly simple to convert to fit the MGB stock system and should not need calibrating if you are using stock wheels, tires and rear axle ratio. A converter will be needed if changing any of these. I will have these items in stock to order within the next month or two, so tell me if you have any interest.
The stock cored radiator can be used without problems in anywhere but the hottest locations with a built streetable engine. Just change your inlet and outlet to match the motor sizes... You can check, but I think(?) they are all 1 5/16" in diameter hoses. In Canada, you should not have a worry.
Brian Mc Cullough

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