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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Return Trip to CA

Had a great time and met some very nice people and hope to keep in touch.

We are going to start today with a very short leg, of 177 miles we are going to stay in Nashville.
Actually that is our starting point to our drive home to Ca.

Bill Guzman

arrived in Nashville around 2 pm We had lots of rain, I mean RAIN and wind (no fire) at times we were doing only 35 mph. We saw 3 accidents, one a small truck upside down, second a truck an trailer went off the road and three small cars hiot each other. We though we were in Ca.
Had a bit of trouble with the car, chocke was stuck partially closed and started to miss after 3k rpm going up hill, an easy fix and got underway to Nashville.

Tomorrow, Fort Smith 470 miles.
Bill Guzman

We arrived at Fort Smith at 1:45 pm no events, cool weather avg 71 mph, 26.4 mpg. The leg today was 477 miles, tomorrow 400 miles.
We departed Nashville at 5:15
If you ever travel West watch for the center asphalt volcanos as soon as you cross the bridge over the Mississippi. This things are right in the midle and at each side the asphalt appears to be melted thus creating two holes at each side, the center is elvevated like a litle volcano waiting for you.
Hit one of them with my exhaust, no damage, just a big thump!
Bill Guzman

I am watching your posts and can imagine the fun your having on the drive. Wish I could have been at the two meets for '06 but that baby just wouldn't wait another couple weeks! :-) Well, I have a little mechanic helper for the garage now and someone to pick on his three older sisters too!

Drive safe and keep it (somewhat) close to the speed limit!

BMC Brian McCullough

Congratulations Brian! I am very happy for you.
I really know how you feel.

We arrived in Amarillo Texas. 5 miles from our exit to the hotel the down poor started, traffic actually pull to the side of the road due to the poor visibility.

Bill Guzman

You're making good progress towards California. If your car was as low as my midget, you'd learn to drive with one tire on the center ridge and the other on the edge of the pavement or risk removing the exhaust and catilytic converter. Even then I still manage to drag off a bit of asphalt every now and then. The farther south you go and the hotter it gets the more asphalt volcanos you'll find.
Bill Young

Bill, those volcanos are about 6 to 8 inches, not an exageration. If you were to hit one of those with the front tire not good! The best thing is to drive between two lanes to avoid them.

Today we made it to Grants New Mexico tomorrow Kigman Arizona and then home. In Amarillo we visited the place were they serve a 72 oz steak, if you eat it, you get it for free. No I did not try, that is one big steak.

Grants NM is a historical small city, it was founded in 1950 when someone discover Uranium here. Visited one of the mines (from the distance) It has a litle board pointing somehwere in the desert. Very interesting place, population 600 they will resume mining in 2007

Cool weather all they long. When we left Amarillo Texas 6 am it was in the low 50's and stay in the upper 60's car ran to cool 160 blocked the botton of the radiator and it ran 195. Gas here is 90 octane and $3.89 for premium.

Had a Chevy van blew the engine in front us got oil all over the winshield and car.

Well, going for a swim, indoor pool. Will depart tomorrow after breakfast 6 am
Bill Guzman


I completed my homework-- check it out at the bottom of the right panel @

Maybe I should have added dripping blood to your hands inserted under the bonnet :p)

MM Masters

Mike, you might want to edit the year you've put.

Derek Nicholson


U mean the Roaring 20s on the Old Timey Video?
MM Masters

Mike, got it, good job! I did not answer your e-mail due to problems with the wireless, anyway I will be home tomorrow and will do the links then.

Today was an eventfull day. We were stuck in the hwy due to a fatality accident. A car hit a Fedex truck in the rear, we were 3 miles from the accident, shut the engine off and just visited with the rest of the folks for about 2 hr. After Flagstaff we hit the big storm that is heading East, one drop was enough to wet the whole winshield, but it was for a short time. We went from 7200 feet in NM to 2000 feet in AZ and it got warm 100 degrees, but the good news is that it will cool this evening to 95 that is the norm.

Tomorrow we will be home around 3 pm we will depart around 7 am in hopes to avoid the LA traffic.

Car is doing great, car can not tell the difference the difference between 7200 feet and 3300 feet in Kingman Arizona. The car ran a cool 185, gas here is not cheap $3.98 and one gas station had a tag of $4.05
Gas mileage was better 26.8 mpg perhaps due to the down hill?
Bill Guzman

We are home. We left at 7 am from Kingman AZ, we ecounter another accident, a tractor and trailer caugh on fire. When we left the tmp was 75 when we hit the high dessert the temp was 90 it was 9 am due to the accident we hit Mojave dessert at 11 am 101 temp.
I cool down a bit when we hit San Bernandino 95 tep all the way to San Fernando which is only 40 miles from home once we hiot the Conejo grade we could see the flat land and the ocean Camarillo temp when down to a very nice 71 according to the bill board.
We exicted Carmen Exit and a mile we were home.

Mishaps of the trip:

Sun visor on passenger side came loose, use Gorilla tape to hold it in place
Going east we hit a bad Bump, wheel alignment needed in Memphis.

In Townsend we had to take the Hurst shifter off and tighten the detent so that it coul be shifted into reverse and fith gear.

Third gear became noizy during a run in the hills

Going West
I always fill the tank when it's 1/2 full, reason? once I got bad gas and it was a full tank, it was misserable. Yes, got 4 gallons in New Mexico of bad gas but had enough good gas to compensate. Car develop a minor spotter when climbing a hill and above 3000 rpm once a refill the tank at well known station it was resolve, car ran great.

When we stoped in Victorville Ca. for lunch the alt was noizy but not loose at the pulley, decided to continue and yes we made it home ok.

I will post the total gas consuption and total miles travel, right now I am going to seat in the Jacuzzi with a strong drink.

Bill Guzman

Good to hear that you are home. Enjoyed meeting you.


Al Wulf
'67 MGB-V8 conversion
Al Wulf

Hi Bill,

I can imagine you & Jan are saying "there's no place like home... there's no place like home."

You & Robert had some long hauls! Anyway it was really great meeting you in person.

Enjoy the weekend & the 4th of July. Your son continues to be in my prayers & I'm especially thankful for his service & that of those like him especially as i reflect on their contributions to this wonderful place we all call home!


Another successful ROAD TRIP!

An experience ALL should try sometime..

If you DRIVE it, you WILL have fun!

rick ingram

Bill, glad you & the Missus made it home okay.

Now, you can get started on that race car. ;)
Carl Floyd

Hello Bill , thanks for tuning my 215 but still needs throttle pump , to start when hot . Cant remember if you have a/c?? from your comments I assume [NOT] better you than me, 101 in my B would mean 302 inside!! WOW !!! we baked as it was on our 3 day back road trip back home, anyway your A TROOPER & a nice man, hope to see you again at 07 ,,I would love to do 08 in your home territory [we'll see]. Very good to meet you...
denny 1

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