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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ron Hopkinson Sway bar kits (Again)

I recieved my Ron Hopkinson sway bar kit this afternoon. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me get through to Ron. I love the kit, it was a well invested $200 and I'm sure the car will enjoy them as well.

I also found out about the Stage 2 kit. It is not another sway bar kit, but rather it's a Ron Hopkinson coil over front suspension kit and telescopic rear shocks as well. This kit sells for $670 US. I would have purchased it as well, except I already had the Moss coil over kit on the front and my own telescoplic shocks on the rear. But just to let others know it exsists.
Thanks again for everyone's help
Wally Jonker

There seem to be some people who think the Hopkinson sway bar kits are not a good idea, but on my CB GTV8 conversion with fiberglass springs, rear Spax, and a limited slip, I personally think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Yes, at the end of the day you theoretically lose a little traction, since the rear bar causes the outside wheel to weight more and the inside wheel to weight less, but the increased controllability of the car is well worth it. The LSD seems to correct for any perceptible loss of traction. Of course, one has to drive any car equipped with a rear bar and an LSD thoughtfully in the rain or on slippery surfaces.

The coil over fronts sound good in principle, but it must be a bear to install them correctly. Personally the front suspension is about the only place where I always seem to have difficulties being a do-it-yourself mechanic.
ev wheeler

This thread was discussed on 05/01/2001

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