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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Rover 3500 for sale

Heads up to any one interseted in the Vancouver area, there's an '80 Rover 3500 in the Oct.2 buy and sell under the 'Wrecking import cars' section.
Anthony Morgan

Just out of curiosity what is the first part of the phone number? I know a Rover 3.5 was just sold in my area.


Sorry Bruce, it appears they've updated the site since last night, and I can't find the car anymore. It was listed in Vancouver, and I'm pretty sure it was a 604 number. It also said it was aircared, so I imagine because of all this it would have had to have been from the lower mainland. Only place around here you have to have your car tested.
Anthony Morgan

Thanks anyways. Like I said, I was just curious.
The Rover 3.5 sold up here went to a guy who was going to restore it, he said. The car was in too good of a condition to be parted out. I know of a few other people who were interested in the car. And if it was the car in question, I would have tried to get the 2 parties together. Rather have it rebuilt then parted out.



Hey, I've got a complete 1980 SD1 I'd sale - located in north Alabama...she's actually almost too nice to disassemble & only needs fuel pump to get running! No rust & only body damage is in photo


anthony barnhill

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