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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Rover or T5 trans and more ?

I have read lots on the arcives but I need more info.
First I have a Factory V8 with a tired engine so I found a low mile 3.9 I want everything to LOOK STOCK so I'm going to use the factory intake and SU's I have block huggers, now everyone tells me I'll eat the factory gearbox.So I look into the LT77 gear box, and the T5(which should be easier to find in the USA)Remember I want it to look stock. Shifter in the right place,I don't want to hack the tunnel( I'm ok with a little adjusting) I have lots of hammers. I want to use the V8 clutch master if at all possible. I don't want to use a hyd. throwout bearing, just a master and a slave. Does D&D mount the engine in the same palce the factory did. I will not move the engine. I'm leaning towards the T5 but from what car? Ford , Chevy
6cyl. 8cyl. I really wanted to use the factory 4spd. od box but that seems out of the question now.



I've got the LT77 in my '77 roadster and you can't tell it from stock. Yes, you should modify the tunnel (others on this site say you don't have to but looking at the space about the gearbox, don't know how you'd get it in there otherwise) but this piece is hidden behind the consel anyway.

With new mounting brackets welded to a stock MGB gearbox x-member, the x-member bolts into the original captive nuts on the frame rails. Looks pretty stock to me.

The only mod to the shifter is to remove some metal on the lower right corner (viewed from above)of the transmission tunnel so you can use 5th gear. This is covered by the centre consel/arm rest, the shifter gaiter and the chrome ring (still using the 4 original holes to attach).

I'm using an MGB master cylinder (non-boosted) with the LT77 slave cylinder. A modified clutch line is available to attach the two.

Just some info to pass along.

Simon Austin

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