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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - RV8 anti-tramp bars... anyone have data?

Hi all,

Has anyone got a picture or drawings of RV8 rear shock brackets and front spring hangers? I'd like to fit RV8 anti-tramp bars (traction bars for the US guys...) to my '67 GT and was wondering what the dimensions are for the spring hangers and spring clamp plates.

I can't afford composite rear springs so I know I can't just fit RV8 clamp plates as the shock mounting is in the wrong place. I'm not troubled by the idea of having some made though, as long as I have a pattern to work to.

The main reason I'd like to use RV8 parts is to save myself making the bars themselves - I figure I can just go and buy a set of RV8 bars and bushes and then fabricate the mountings.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any data or opinions!
Olly S
Oliver Stephenson

Some folk use TR7 rear end locator bars, (about 16" long) bushes are plentiful. The brackets would have to be fabricated.
Just a thought.


I would try Dave Vale, Clive Wheatley, Frontline, MG Motorsport, MGB Hive - should be able to supply bushes as well if bars available.

I have no probs with Tramp bars fitted to my lowered V8 with non single leaf springs.


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