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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - RV8 Manifolds From Maniflow

Has anyone used these manifolds?
And are they any different to the B Hive or Clive Wheatley ones ?

Nick Ashmore

This are the "Clive Wheatley" manifolds. They have fitted excellent on my car. Chris Crane from RPI Engineering in Norwich told me that they had many problems with the B-Hive manifolds. I have personally no experience with them.


Joerg Huesken

Cheers, I thought they were very simular. Did you have to lift the engine out to get them on ?

Nick Ashmore


I got B Hive stainless ones in 2000, they had to go back to be re-jigged as they did not originally fit......OK now, extremely good value for money, the only criticism I had was they used very thin stainless pipe for the main body of the exhaust ,and my welder had great difficulty in fitting Lambda sensors for the EFi system.

Geoff King had similar problems I think.

Michael barnfather


I didnít have a problem with the GES (BHive) manifolds but the tail section of the system went back several times before they got it right. Then I fitted IRS and started over again. As Mike says it is excellent value for money and although the finish might not be as good as some others it is under the car and not seen Ė unless you use mirrors like the concours enthusiasts. I discovered the GES manifolds canít be fitted with the engine in situ after I fitted the engine.

Geoff King

I considered buying a pair from MGBHive but they told me the engine would need to come out with their design. Eventually I bought a pair from the Owners Club but they were poorly finished and felt 'cheap' despite the price so I returned them. In the end I took my car to Exhausts By Design in Tingewick, Bucks. It was more expensive obviously, but a week later I had a fabulous set of bespoke 4:2:1 manifolds linked to my existing twin exhaust set up.

As a point of interest, the performance difference over the existing block huggers was not as great as I'd hoped. I concluded that the existing 14x2" filter wasn't flowing sufficent air. I replaced it with a K&N Xstream filter and the gains, particularly above 3,500 rpm, were then very noticeable.

David Canning


I have recently fitted the B-Hive GES Manifolds and exhaust to my 3.9i and found that everything fitted together right first time. Very imppressed and look like good value for money compared with the alternatives.

R Weston

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