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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Sebring Rear Panels

I am wondering if anyone Stateside or in England has a source for complete Sebring rear fenders? What I mean by complete is metal or iberglass replacement fenders for the rear that are already flared. You can get whole front ones already flared but you cant get ones like that for the rear. Only those seperate flares that you have to cut your existing rears to make fit. Anyone know of any?
Jarrod Hills


I too am interested in this. The only place I have found for roadster rear panels is in England. Just my luck, it is located about 50 miles from RAF Lakenheath, where I used to be stationed. When I get to that point I may try to either get them from over here or try to go there to get them on a Air Force flight. If you find somewhere else, please let me know.

P.S. these are the only links I have for sebring kits, stateside or UK.

Galen Copes


I contacted MGOC Accessories over in the UK and thiers are full fenders. The price isn't that bad either, but if you have anyone taking a trip over there, it could save you quite a bit of shipping. I will paste their e-mail reply below. Their website is listed in my post above. Good luck and if you get this kit, please let me know what you think, as I will be getting this in about 6 months.


Galen Copes

Dear sir.
The sebring kit comprises of four complete fenders and not just wheel arch extensions.The packaging as you can probably imagine is quite large at 165cm x 60cm x 65cm.The last time i sent a set of these to the usa they were delivered to the customers nearest airport using airport transfers tonbridge and this cost just under 200.00.The cost of the kit is 251.06.
We are not very far from cambridge aprrox five or six miles.
Kind regards.

Jarrod,All the Sebring kits I have seen have comprised of full rear quarter panels,only in fiberglass.You still have to bond the fiberglass to the steel body.That is the idea,however,the full quarter panels that come in the kits Do Not Fit!You must cut and blend them in.Any time where fiberglass and steel body parts must be joined,there will be alot of work involved.I speak from experience.I built my Sebring replica over 7 years ago and didn't expect the amount of time I would spend to get it right.Also,the front fenders,even though they are full fenders does not mean the will fit right out of the box.The fenders on my car needed a considerable amount of work just to mount them on the car.Then add the time to use primer/surfacer and endless block sanding to remove the natural wavyness of fiberglass.Remember,these are not some Detroit factory composite panels,they were laid up by hand by some hired worker making minimum wage,so don't expect perfection.Good luck......Dave
Dave D

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