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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Servo assitance

Would be interested to hear from anyone who runs without a servo, i am doing a rebuild and my servo is grotty but functional, because i think it will spoil the look of the car and my midget runs OK without, i would be interested if these cars brake Ok without.

I've driven V8s with and without servo assistance and apart from noticing it needed a slightly harder push the first time without never noticed again. If you can lock the fronts in the dry, no problem. However if the servo is fitted it has to be functional for the MOT.
Paul Hunt

The main concern is pedal ratio. Cars equipped with servos have a lower pedal ratio than the cars without servos. If changing from a servo to a non-servo brake system, then the pedal from a non-servo should be install to replace the lower ratio pedal of a non-servo car.

Non-servo systems have about 7:1 ratio, a non-servo pedal has about 5:1 ratio.
An increase to 7.5:1 is the same effect as installing a servo. Increasing pedal ratio is common practice on race cars, it saves weight.
Bill Guzman

Thank you for your e-mail.
Yes,"a non-servo pedal has about 5:1 ratio". It should read; A servo pedal has about 5:1 ratio.(less leverage)

Sorry for the confusion.

Bill Guzman

UK cars had the remote servo and on these the pedal was the same part number throughout, servo or no. Only North American cars with the direct-acting servo had a different pedal.
Paul Hunt

My car has no servo--feels great!!!!
James Johanski

I agree - I like the non-servo brakes. Much more feel and a harder pedal. The weight of the brakes is by no means excessive.

Mike Howlett

The other thing to bear in mind is the boost ratio of the servo. I think the original remote V8 servo is 2:1 while the remote 1800 B is 1.6:1. Most modern cars seem to have the boost up around 4 or 5:1.

My only problem with the servo is bleeding the b*st*rd.


Dave Brooke

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