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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Shaker Scoop Update

I have found a link to a repro page that sells shakers. About 199 + 95 shipping - Mike
mike childress

That's so cool! But I just can't imagine how you'd fit all that gear under the hood. There was a recent thread re using fuelie-type hood scoops; I too wonder if that isn't the best bet. If someone is halfway decent with Photoshop or something, it would be great to see how one would look on a B. Also I wonder if, rather than mounting the scoop on the carb and cutting a big hole in the hood (though that would give you that awesome "shaking" effect), which would be a real problem in the rain, you might just bolt the scoop onto the hood and use some sort of foam or rubber seal to the carb throat. Looking at my Summit Racing catalog, I see that they aren't cheap (the Mr. Gasket "Hilborn"-style scoop is $180) but they do have an air filter inside which at least solves that key problem.

This thread was discussed on 16/10/2001

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