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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Sharp V8

Hey guys, I think I've just found my next car:

Has anyone seen an air cleaner set up like that before?


Someone has spent a lot of time and money on this..........and it's HORRIBLE. I don't care if it's the best drive in the country, it's REVOLTING.

Just my opinion.

Mike Howlett

Appreciating that car must take more irony than I can muster. That's an unmitigated disgrace!

But wait... there's more!! The truck is for sale also.
Joe Cook

I wonder if it comes in fushia?
Kelly Combes

I would douibt it is eve n a MG chassis, in fact says is an amreican chassis in the header. They used a few MGA body panels and a grill and call it a MG.. What a tragedy.
Larry Embrey

rick ingram

Why not just buy a Corvette for arount $5,000 or a Cobra kit car for $10,000. This beastie could only be loved by it's mother (or father). I predict it will never reach it's minimum reserve.
Both speedometers don't work... "officer I'm not sure how fast I was going...the darn speedo quit on me when I landed after cresting that last hilltop."
The air cleaners & cap are K&N. There is one for DGV's too but it's too tall to clear my 1500's hood/bonnet.
Marc Judson

Well, I suppose if you are in love with yellow.....
Jim Blackwood

My God......I think that's the ugliest car I have ever seen.

Michael barnfather

Send the MG it car back to Venezuela. Like the truck, priced to high.
Jim Lema

I think that some of it is from a A, at least the grill and trunk sections. Perhaps the bonnet and surrounding area. Dash is who knows, 327 is a good motor, as for looks... Screaming yellow.. Not for me LOL

Ronald Smith

Gosh, I just looked at the pix. That car is _profoundly_ ugly. In all seriousness, I don't know how much uglier a roadworthy car could be! Check out those angled dashboard gauges -- who the hell are they aimed at? ... and the tire/fender clearance ... oh gawd that thang is heinous!

we all agree this is so far beyond the limit as to offend but, we are all modifier/convertors - where does one draw the limit ? .. is there a code ? ...... pot calling the kettle black ?

Roger - MGBGTV8 with RV8 machinery !


I wish I was stupid rich. I would buy that car and drive it into a large tree.
Dana Wilson

Similar sentiments. I'd buy the car. No seriously I would. But only so I could rip it apart and salvage some sort of pride for the marque.

That engine would do for my stock pile, then e-Bay would get quite a list of pieces-for-sale once I'd had a go with the angle grinder and cutting torch.

The creator needs a good talking to though.

Rick Haynes

When someone has the guts to express himself by building what they like, you guys take him apart.

Did you ever wonder what people might say about your car?
I have seen some cars that need some care, so, instead of talking about someone else’s, do some work on yours.
Use the time that you spend criticizing others on your car. You may come up with something nice.

Come on Rick -- of course we agree with you for the most part but there's a limit. That car is well past that limit!

Come on Ted, enough is enough, if you don't like it keep it to yourself.

... now what fun would that be Rick? Are you the self-appointed PC Brigade, 'r' what?

Ted, I am keeping it to myself.

Do you guys remember seeing on ebay a few months ago, an MGB V8 this same yellow w/ the same hood scoop and open fenders? This one looks like the work of the same hack.

BTW the yellow V8 was for sale again a week ago, but it had been painted maroon.

To quote Buggs Bunny, "What a Maroon!"

Well then, that wasn't very nice, was it? It is indeed fortunate for all of us that we have these deviant and seriously warped characters amongst us, if only for the perspective it brings. Imagine where I'd be without them? Next in line I expect, as would several of the rest of you. So here's to his continued survival, god willing, he'll choose a different car next time. But if not, I for one look forward to the outrage he generates as it only serves to keep the mob from my door.

Jim Blackwood

I think that it was the prototype for the Pontiac Aztek.

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