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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - shifter boot

I have a 77B V8, 3.5 with rover 5 spd. It has the original console and the previous owner had cut the console to accomodate the shifter and siliconed the boot to the console. I would like to maintain the original console but improve the boot and subsequent sealing of the shifter. Any suggestions of what one can do to modify the original console to seal the passenger compartment to the undercarriage of the car? Thanks, and see you in Terre Haute!
David Burstyn


I ve seen several cars with inserts made for the top of the console. These not only dress up the console, but hid a LOT of DPO changes or cracks, etc from old age. Brushed aluminum, wood, diamond plate, a lot of materials available.

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See you in Terre Haute!

rick ingram

I carefully cut and sanded to fit piece of oak vainer plywood. Use several pieces of 1 foam between the transmission and the transmission tunnel. Cut the foam over sized and slit in the middle for the shifter. Also cut several of the layers in a doughnut shape. If you go to a decent hardware store that still carries a full selection of hardware, you can find nice selection of large stainless steel finish screws that you can purchase in different lengths. Fasteners like this are used all over boats. Purchase lengths that will go through the boot ring, oak plywood and into the transmission tunnel.
Jim miller


I read your question as if you want to keep your console as original, but having the gear lever coming out centered.

Look at this from Clive Wheatley...
find: Conversion plate for gear lever 4.95

I had a slightly different agle of attack, since I shortened the gear change remote by an inch ad thus having the stick centered.

Both methods look strictly original.


IF only he had put a bit of a dogleg in the lower part of the shifter, the console would NOT have to be modded. I have a '79 B 215/T5, shifter is dead center in neutral.
Carl Floyd

The shifter is centered, but due to 5th gear being far over to the right, the hole for the console had to be cut forming a D shaped hole. It just seems the shift pattern is much wider than that of the stock B transmission. Thanks so much for any ideas.
BR Dave

Dave, I have a BOP engine in my mgb, with a '92 Camaro T5. My solution to this problem was: 1) enlarge/cutout the hole on the standard plastic center console 2) bend my shifter to a more vertical postition 3)Make a template of quarter inch plywood (with large enough hole postion to accomodate the shift pattern requirements) to fit over the plastic center console 4) Go to "Staples" and buy a large plastic waste basket and cut out a piece black plastic to match the plywood template and then bond the plastic to the plywood template...this "buckeye" engineering is functional and looks very me if you want pics of the templates etc.
Mike Maloney

My gearbox crossmember is offset to the left, as instructed in the conversion litterature.


I have been trying to think why I have a centered shift lever and no problem with 5th gear (or reverse) lever position.

I made no changes to the tunnel hole or console. The dogleg I made surely helps as it is completely below the tunnel hole. One other thing that may be a factor, the stub part of the shifter (that goes into the trans) is a modified short-throw S10 shifter.
Carl Floyd

For those of you using a T-5, Carl has the answer. You must have a short throw shifter, either one from a S-10 pickup or from a Chevy van, or one of the aftermarket shifters by B & M or Hurst, but they also must be for an S-10.

Next, you have to cut off the shifter below the tunnel & weld it back on with a spacer between the stub & shifter, approx. 5/8" thick. Depending upon engine set back, the lever may have to be rotated forward or back.

With the aftermarket shifters, the lever is bolted to a stub, allowing the same base to be used in a Camero & a pickup. In this case, a spacer & 2 longer bolts & you are in buisness.

The short throw shifter reduces the size of the circle the shift lever requires at the tunnel.
Jim Stuart

I'm using a shifter from a Camaro/Firebird and have made no modifications to the tunnel. I had to cut the shifter and weld it at the correct angle so it doesn't interfere with the steering wheel on the left (I have a 68 with a slightly larger steering wheel) and so that 5th and reverse are accessible to the right.

-- Scott
Scott Costanzo

Here is what I did.

I really do appreciate all of the suggestions. As in my origional post, I have a Rover 5spd. and your suggestions refer to the GM T5 gearbox. Regardless I am now planning Jim Miller suggestion being to add a layer of either wood or leather/vinyl nicely trimmed and fastening the boot between the new layer of material. May also incorporate a couple of drink holders as well. I really do appreciate all of your help and report as to the final results. See you in Terre Haute! Dave B.
BR Dave

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