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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - So that's what MG stands for!
Derek Nicholson

God, this makes me want to puke. Surely they can't really do this and expect to sell cars as MG's.

If only I had Bill Gates' money, I could stop this.

Richard Morris

Too hard to pronounce Mollis Galage, I guess.
Derek Nicholson

Most current MG owners were not embracing the concept of an MG built in America anyway. Comments of "Why can't it be an RV8?" or "Why can't they just build a new MGB?" emphasize this.

If the American built MG was to be succesful, it needed to draw a new audience with modern styling and engineering yet somehow retain the the lineage and heritage of the Marque to keep we current MG owners desiring to spend our money on one!

Had we had the opportunity to purchase new MGs such as the RV8 and the MGF/mgtf all along, the mindset of "we old cronies" *might* be a little different.


rick ingram
1978 MGB
1969 MGC
1974.5 MGB/GT V8 conversion
1968 MGC
rick ingram

"MG originally stood for Morris Garages..."

No it didn't!
Carl Floyd

Think on this. They have obviously brought the rights to the MG name. It's possible that in their legaleze world, that that bought The MG marque along with any derivations of how it got to be MG. That's going to be the way the sale of the name was handled. Legally, they can say it was from Morris Garages if it so deemed their purposes.

And for the most part, if you ask an MG guy what MG stands for, you will normally get "Morris Garages".

The sadness here is that the chinese don't care about such history. The true meaning of MG to them is "More Green". And that's true!

Still sick over this. And I looked at the new MG's they are going to make and don't like a damn one of them. The new MG's look a lot like an ugly versions of Nissan products. Who will want an expensive Chinese car with you can get a great Jap car for less. Anyone think the 350Z roofline was grafted onto the MG's

Richard Morris

Why on earth would a company entering a "new" market want to produce a car with a body style 27 years old at its youngest?

We will never see another new MG in the form that we, as current MG owners, have grown to appreciate.

A new company needs to attract new buyers, and that is done by providing new styling, new engineering, new features, etc....but with something in that styling that tugs at the heart (and purse strings) of former owners.

Look at the Porsche Boxster. Does it look like a 911? No. Does it have somewhat of a resemblence to a Speedster? Maybe. Does it sell? Yes.

rick ingram

'M.G. stands for itself - not Morris Garages, and the dots are there as a matter of design only.'
"He officially named it "The M.G. Car Company"

"If it was good enough for the boss of M.G. it should be good enough for the rest of us."

Makes sense to me.
Modern gentleman my a$$.

Jim Blackwood

A sad day indeed. China will soon own the world but I will do my part to slow the progression and not have a hand in it.
Michael S. Domanowski

Will the new cars be sold through Walmart or Harbor Freight?
Jim Stuart

Walmart. Better distribution that way. But they'll be in a bidding war so expect to see a decline in quality.

Jim Blackwood

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