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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Spark Plugs

I have a V8 that is the 215 CID with electronic ignition and ready to change the plugs. Does anyone have a good plug that will perform reasonalbly well. Another point is the oil consumption has been high since the engine was rebuilt 20,000 miles ago. Oil cumsumption is a little over a quart every 1000 Miles.Also it still smokes when first started. I have just learned to live with it. If anyone is interested what local guy did the engine and installation let me know and I'll reply so if you are thinking of some work being done who not to use. Any how what plugs can be installed? Let me know.

Leroy Cook

Leroy - there is a range of plugs for the 215 family - you need to tell us whose engine and which heads.

On the question of oil consumption - they are all designed to burn some oil and its acceptable to burn up to one percent of the fuel consumed over a given distance so if you get 22 mpg(english)and use 45 gallons, you are burning approximately the correct amount. Just remember to top it up regularly and change with cheap 20 - 50 around 3000m - if you get worried by the smoke, check crank breathing is working freely.

I have five other cars and a Dodge truck and none of these machines need to have oil added between their 3000 Mile oil change and filters. My lawn mower never needs topping up. I have a Buick Reatta that has 234,000 miles and it is never low on oil.

Leroy Cook

Leroy, if I were you I'd be talking to whoever rebuilt my engine. The only engines designed to burn oil are 2-strokes and rotaries. It is acceptable, according to RMW, for a car that gets 30 MPG to burn 1 1/3 quarts of oil per 1000 miles and a 15 MPG car to burn 2 2/3 quarts in that same period. I don't think so. My 240SX with 150,000 miles on it used NO oil when I recently let it go 10,000 between changes (synthetic oil and I was dumb to let it go that long). The most worn-out MGB engine I ever had used 2 quarts/400 miles at high speed (cruising the interstate at 4000+ RPM) and about a quart/400 miles if I kept the revs down. It smoked like a coal fired locomotive when accelerating

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