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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Spurious V8 & MG Car Club

Does anyone know how to get in touch with the Spurious V8 & MG Car Club? I have been to there website but they have no email or contact info. Any help would be great.
Evan Amaya

just click on the NAMGBR link and there's an online membership link from there...
David S


I am a founding member of the Spurious V8 and MG Club.

You can contact me off-list at with questions, etc.

rick ingram
rick ingram


It is a clandestine group of spurious individuals with which you do not want to be associated. :)

Now, now Carl...

You personally enjoy the company of the Spuriites, I know this for a fact!

Come over to the "dark side"....

and just remember....all conversions are spurious!



Temporary Permanent President for Life
Diplomatic Advisor to Ian Pender.
1974.5 MGB/GT V8 conversion
rick ingram

Resistance is futile !!!

1969 MGB 302 V8 Conversion
Pete Mantell

CAUTION!!!! These are the people your mother warned you about. Most of them are pretty good friends of mine :-) It's more of a mind set than about the cars.

Safety.............. Only Faster !!!

David Deutsch
78 midget
75 MGB
80 MGB
David Deutsch

A toast for the Spurites..Here's to us and those like us, of which there are damned few.
Bob McClain

I modified my midget to my liking and in doing so I was invited in. No V8 in it but it certainly is not stock. So if it is how you like it that is how your car should be. and screw thoughs who think otherwise.
George Carrasquillo

Sounds like my kind of people
down with O.E.
Evan Amaya

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