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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Stag Gauges

There is a complete set of Stag gauges on e-bay. 140 MPH speedo, V8 tach, etc. Not mine, just thought someone may be interested.

Thanks for the tip David. They'll look good in the B. Now I don't have to mess with the tach.

Kelly Combes

Assuming its a CB you have, do the Stag dials bolt straight in, with speedo cables etc ?

You're welcome.

Hi Liam,
The stag gauges fit right in.(79 RB) The tach plugged in and worked, the speedo had the same threads as my B speedo.
. I guess there were at least two styles of gauges used in the stags. These are black rimmed with the bottom swing on the volt,temp. I was using a stag voltmeter before that had the black/silver rim and top swing in the same sytle the B used. It was a perfect match.
I've changed the rims from my B gauges to the stag tach and speedo to make them look like a set. I'm not sure what speedo cable I ended up using because I had a collection of them from a Rover 3500S,TR7,TR6 and a few others that I had stored with my B cable when I took it apart. I just tried them till I found a match between my TR7 5spd and the B speedo.

Kelly Combes

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