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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Steering Column

Hi All,
I am modifying the steeing on my 74 C/B for my V8 conversion. The column is not a rubber bumper version,that's not the question I have. When I disconnecteed the UJ, the end of the column sticking into the engine compartment can be pulled out some distance. I haven't pulled it all the way out but I wonder if the nylon "nut" at the end is supposed to stop this movement. If not, what is?
Any ideas?
Tony Bates

If I understand you right, you're talking about the inner column assembly sticking thru from the passenger compartment? Maybe the designers weren't that worried about the column moving into the engine compt: when the system is all hooked together, I don't think it would move very much in that direction without hitting it with a sledgehammer. You musta had the steering wheel off, right? That secured with the nut should also keep everything from moving forward in normal operation.
Joe Ullman

it can be pulled straight out, or at least mine can (mine is missing the nylon nut). It's part of the collapsable steering column, so that a hit at the front of the car does not make the steering wheel ram into your face.


I had a 64 B years ago and fell asleep while driving home one dark night.. no seat belt on.. hit a disabled car that was left in the middle of the road (big Pontiac wagon) the only thing that saved my life was the fact that the top of the 4 cylinder engine hit the back bumper of the wagon..resounding crash woke me up.. steering column flattened me against the seat which had broken loose from its mounts. Make sure the column is right it can kill you in the accident that none of us are going to have. FWIW Alan

Thanks guys,
Is there a picture somewhere of haw the column comes apart and can I get a replacement "nylon nut" as this seems to be what should be stopping the lower part of the column sliding out?
Tony Bates

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