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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Steering Rack 77-80

Hi All,
Have been checking the archives on this topic but, I want to get more feedback from actual driving experiences.
I have a 74 BGT R/B car that I converted to Chrome bumper spec. I've retained all the R/B steering set-up (crossmember, bulkhead etc.) as I have the Rover 3.5L in there.
I was just able to obtain a 77-80 R/B steering rack and want to install as these have the 3.5 turns lock to lock vs the early racks at 2.9.
My question is does it really help the 'top end' highway driving from being less 'twitchy' and does it have a negative experience in around town driving ? I want to get the best set-up overall but, if I can get a better highway car this would be a major benefit. Thanks for your help !

Jordan--I have a 79 B with a 302 Ford V8 conversion and with the rack maintained as original --the 3.5 turns --I am running 195/60-14 tires. The steering for parking is a bit heavy--but not unbearable--and at highway speed it is very solid. I know all these factors are very definitely personal likes but I like the feel of my car. I have a friend with a Cobra replica and he likes the feeling of my car on the highway better then his Cobra as it is very twitchy at speed.May run into you in Ottawa someday as I do get up there at times--Im near Massena NY .My car is Inca Yellow RB .
All the best -Gil
Gil Price


I did the opposite and replaced a 2.9 turns lock to lock rake for a quick rack which reduces the turns to about 2.5. With a 13-inch steering wheel, 15-inch road wheels and 195x60 tyres the steering is a little heavy for parking but not excessively so and I would never contemplate reverting to the 2.9 let alone the dreadfully slow 3.5 turns lock to lock steering.

Geoff King

Thanks for your replies.
Gil, that's good information, seems to fit with the V8 experiences I've been hearing. If you do make it to Ottawa again your more than welcome to show up at one of our regular MG Club meetings with your car. We'd love to see it ! You can also share a few beverages with us ! Our web page is
Geoff, Appreciate your data. I've also got a 66B with smaller wheel that I use for burning around the countryside with our club, it's a lot of fun and handles very well.
Best Regards,

I have been there & tried them ALL! I will not put a 2.5 turn lock to lock in a car that I do for a conversion. I am going to put 3.5 in MY OWN V-8 for the easy to turn in parking lots & with the 2.5 turns at 100 m.p.h., if you sneeze you change 3 lanes! BUT if you are going to do the parking lot raceing the 2.5 is the only way to go.
Glenn Towery

If your car is too twitchy at speed try putting negative camber lower wishbone arms on. That'll keep her straight but your tyres will wear unevenly but if the car is used for fun and not a daily driver then youll not build up the milage so not a problem.
Les Cole

Doing fast highway speeds really does mean 'white knuckling' especially with a V8. With the miles I put on my MG's each year I'd rather stay away from wearing out the rubber that fast. Slower ratio rack does seem to make the most sense.

Jordan I have a 3.5 rack in my V8 Roadster. Used to have the 2.9 but at real speed in was far too quick. The 3.5 is far better, good choice !

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