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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - strong smell of raw fuel

Hello group, i have being driving my B for a couple of years now, but, lately i have noticed a strong smell of raw fuel, during shifting, also after is off and in the garage, i have checked the usual items as gas tank for leaks,no puddles under car, gas lines, connections all are tight, carburator is new (Edelbrock 500cfm on top of Edelbrock performer intake) venting to charcoal canister,new Holley fuel pump. everithig seems OK, exept for the smell of gas. I do not have the Phenolic isolator between carb and intake flanges. Any ideas what to check next?
engine is a Rover SD1 and Rover 5 speed.

I have found this problem in lots of MGB's,you might want to check the gas tank for stains on the sides, even the newest B's are getting long in the tooth and the top of the tank gets pin holes in it, and you smell gas but don't see any leaks.

I agree with Bob
Also do you still have the vent tank in the trunk ( boot ) with all original lines attached?
i do get some odour in the trunk but I removed the vent tank and lines and sealed the tank top connector and use a vented cap and only get the smell on occasion.
Although I have a Ford 302 am using the 500 cfm Edelbrock carb and no insolator under it.
Gil Price

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