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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - sttel dash with R/B steering rack?

I'm currently working on an MGB V8 conversion (1971 C/B) and am looking for a little advice or suggestion on a steering cowl.

I have a R/B steering rack attached to a R/B cross member and have modified the firewall etc to take it. My problem is that I have the original steel dash. The C/B cowing s two narrow to fit around the later column and the R/B cowling is too big ang blocks the lower part of the clocks.

Has anybody any idea what cowling and swithgear I can use or failing that if it is possible to get a steel dash that can accomodate the later steering rack.

All advice greatly appreciated.

R Weston

Hi Richard
I have a similar problem in that I wanted an early V8 style dash (I am in the USA) with 1974 column. I located the plastic "instrument panel" that the MGB V8's used at a UK "scrappy". The US speedo and tach are 80mm, the same size as the UK mG V8's used. The answer for you is get a V8 instrument panel and 80mm speedo and tach and then do some cutting. The early dah acted as the support for the column, but the later ones don't so cutting the dash should be a problem.
Tony Bates

My 1964 car still has its original steel dash and I have modified the engine bay to RB specs. I also have RB steering rack and cross member.

I have used my original steering column (non collapsible) which was shortened professionally, to locate the steering wheel the same distance from the dash. You can then use your original switches and cowl.

In the meantime I have managed to delete the floor mounted dipswitch and fit the late model indicator switch, flasher, dipper and horn into the original cowl. The bonus here is the additional footroom I gain because the cone which accommodates the universal joint for the steering column takes up needed space for your left foot.

I had to fabricate one simple bracket for the lower end of the outer steering column. It consisted of a piece of tube which fitted over the outer column and 3 tangs which went to the three captive nuts on the RB universal joint cone.

This was accepted by the engineers when my modifications were approved. Only cars after a certain years have to have collapsible columns and my car is too early to need one in Oz. I also think a 1971 car would not have to have a collapsible column. I hope the same applies in the UK.

Ian Buckley

You can yse the early style rubber bumper dash, looks very similar to the original chrome bumper dash apart from the around the steering column which uses smaller clocks. Any MG Centre that breaks MG will be able to supply you with the dash - commonly referred to as a V8 style dash.
Ian Sanders

Thanks for all of the replies, I will investigate both options. Does anyone know if the early rubber bumber dash refered to by Ian Sanders is available as the crinkle black painted finish (same as the C/B dash) or whether it a plastic (covered?) one as used in the later ones?
R Weston

The dash for the '71 to '76 (North American, at least) cars is the same.

Wayne Pearson

The early RB dash was crinkle steel, same as the CB. It only changed to the plastic Tr***ph dash in 76.
Paul Hunt

I got mine from Andy Jennings 01489-790611 The "V8 style" dash was used for the first year of rubber bumper production only (1975) and yes it is like the chrome bumper dash, with the exception that it has 80mm, not 100mm Speedo/Tacho.
Pete Green

Just an additional point which is important to me.

I find the 80mm instruments harder to read than the 100mm. With the usual quick glance down the larger gauges are easier to read especially at night.

Perhaps a consideration FWIW ?

Ian Buckley

Thanks once again for the feedback with a special thanks to Pete Green. Yesterday I managed to pick up a V8 dash and the two 80mm clocks from Andy Jennings for a reasonable price (along with a lot of other s/h bits I needed).
R Weston

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