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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - SU carb's airfilterbox

I'm building a V8 roadster with standard Rover V8 with SU carbs.
Can anybody help me with some pictures and dimensions or even better a drawing of an airfilterbox like the factory V8 had. (planning to use K&N airfilters faced forward)
Regards, Arno


Interesting to see someone else building a V8 roadster in Holland.
I completed the conversion some 2.5 years ago and now i am doing the body.
I used SU pancake filters and fitted these direct to the carburaters. The problem i had is that normally these filters have a hole in the center where these are connected to the carburateurs. There is not room enough to fit these then so i made a plate myself with the whole out off the center. I later understood that these plate are also available without holes so you can cut the hole yourself. If you want a picture of the set-up please let me know.
Peter van de Velde

Arno - e-mail if you get stuck.

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