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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Sump Drain Plug Location

Whereabouts do you all have your sump drain plug relocated?

I have read it should be at the rear right hand side of the sump i.e. a bit further back than it is now, but I can't see how I can place it precisely until the engine is going into the car and exhaust is in place. I dont want to get that far then pull it all out just to have a new hole machined.

I'm not at that stage yet, but getting to the end of the engine preparation. It would seem to me that the rear of the sump would be a better place?

While I am on - what colour combination do you all have on your engines? - rocker covers, block, sump? This is such a tricky issue for me I have even asked my wife's advice - she being good with colours. It is made harder by the fact that I have no idea what colour the finished car will end up as.

the oe sump has the plug at the rear left (port) -the SD1 version is on the right.

The Rover engine does not need paint but the rocker covers are black.

My 3.5 is unpainted except for the valve covers, as Roger mentioned, in black with the SD1 "ribs" sanded to show the aluminum through the black.

The drain plug hasn't been a problem during oil changes mounted on the right, factory location.
Simon Austin

This thread was discussed between 10/12/2005 and 12/12/2005

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