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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Swirl Pots

Hey Guys,
Has any one out there made a swirl pot for their V8 and if you what did you do? Was it inside the fuel tank / outside? Is the outlet from the swril pot that feeds the fuel pump with a uninterupted supply of fuel right at the bottom of the swirl pot of part way up to avoid picking up sediment?

Clem Spriggs

I bought a new MGB tank and had a Ford Sierra swirlpot fitted into it. The Sierra parts came from a wrecked car. The job took only a couple of days with a loacl radiator builder and repairer and didn't seem to cause any problems. It has been one of the more straightforward aspects of my V8 conversion. It works well.

The way described by Marc is by far the most efficient leading to no external changes other than the extra fuel line and different fuel pump. The very nature of the operation of the swirl pot and the vortex of fuel flow that is created within it means any debris will be swirled around like bits in a tornado. Residues then tend to settle at extreme edges of the tank. This is one of the reasons it is absolutely vital to have a high capacity injection class fuel filter.

Roger Parker

... and in fairness, I should acknowledge that I used the Sierra swirlpot on Roger's suggestion a couple of years ago. Thanks Rog.
I would add that the only problem I had was in the initial stages, debris inside the tank which bunged up the pump. The filter which I subsequently added was essential.

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