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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - T5 transmission

Will a T5 from a S10 pickup different from the ones recommended for 215 v8 conversions? There is a good chance it wasn't a V8.
Rick Meek

Hi Rick
The T5 tranny is basically the same unit in all applications in that it will fit with no problem. The only time you might find a difference is with the gear ratios as several were used on various applications. In fact the S10 box gives, lets just say "spirited acceleration" BTW the S10 rear axle fits the B quite easily as well giving a whole host of alternative rear end ratios to play with as well as LSD's Plus they are cheap and easy to find.

How do you obtain bellhousings to mate T5 to Buick/Rover V8? People keep talking about expensive TVR bellhousings, but surely there must be another way?

Frank de Groot

In the USA, if you're real lucky, you just might find an original Buick bellhousing. The 215 was
available with a T10 four speed, although the automatic tranny was far more popular. Despite
three decades passing, the T5 will bolt to those old bellhousings without issue. I guess I'm real
lucky. I'm running an original Buick flywheel too.

One word of caution. I do not recall if it is the Ford or GM T5's that have this situation, but be aware of the input shaft, both size and splin count. V6 units have a different input shaft than V8 unit, while it is replaceable, it could make that great deal on a tranny, not so great a deal after you get it corrected.. Also somtimes they will have different tailshaft housings, so just take your time and measure everything.
Larry Embrey

The S10 box will not work. The shifter will try to come out of the area where the radio now resides. A Camaro tailshaft can be swapped, but why bother? Find a Camaro box to start with.

Just contact Dan at D&D fabrication. He has the T5 and Bellhousings for use with either the GM or the Ford versions, flywheels, clutch etc.
Basicaly one stop shopping and no geuss work.
His number is 810-798-2491
You can find brand new Ford SVO T5 for $1100 from Summit and you will never blow that one up. It has the right gear ratios as well.
Yes you can spend time hunting for a good used one but the problem is that many Mustange 5.0 L owners blow up the T5 and when you buy a used one they are often junk.
Just my 2 cents worth.

Thanks for your comments. I also received my much anticipated back issues of the MGv8 newsletter. Upon a hurried browse through lo and behold in issue VI vol 1 there was a picture of a t5 from an S-10. The article pointed out that unless I wanted to be shifting from under the radio don't bother with this t5. So with that little tid bit as well as the posted responses--Case closed!

HI Rick
The T5 in fact comes in 3 different lengths depending upon application. The change from one box to another is a simple one. With regard to the Clutch, you are going to change that anyway so it does not matter which spline unit you use, so long as it matches the input shaft.
The Mustang guys destroy the T5 more often than not the trouble starts behind 5th gear, and the problem gets worse from then on. It is for this reason that the hot set up for the Mustang is a Tremec 3550 conversion as they can stand 400+hp (these transmissions have also been fitted to B's) If you look a the spec of the Mustang Cobra 'R' you will find that it already uses the 3550 from stock.

does anyone make a hydrualic throwout bearing for a t5
transmission that is out of an camaro?


Pete . . . try this link for Howe throw out bearing. I also bought a high pressure hose with 90 degree -4 fitting on one end and straight -4 on the other to connect to the master cylinder. It works great and only cost $150.

Lots of us using the T-5 use a McLeod hydraulic throwout bearing. It slides over the input shaft on the tranny & has a threaded collar for height adjustment. It comes with 2 braided lines & fittings to provide for supply & bleading outside of the bell housing. Hundreds of thousands of miles with no problems. Works fine with the stock MGB master cylinder.

Available from D & D & many mail order suppliers such as Summit.

For those using the T5, what size pressure plate and clutch disk are you using? What application?


I'm using a stock rebuilt 215 pressure plate. Had a 9-1/8" disk made with a 26 spline center; probably shoulda had another one made at the same time, but it wasn't expensive.

Joe Ullman

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