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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Tail of the Dragon - MG V8 2003

OK...If this doesn't persuade those of you "sitting on the fence" about coming to Tennessee in May, I can't help you any more....sell your car....NOW! :-)

rick ingram
1978 mgb
1969 mgc
1974.5 mgb/gt V8 conversion
rick ingram

Gettin' fired up, Rick? :)

I am !!!!

Steve Carrick

I would be if I could get my damn oil pump to cooperate. *grumbles* I DO NOT want to drive my accord through the tail of the dragon. That would be very anti-climactic.

Can't wait!
Jim Blackwood

Are you guys going to get the Tail closed off or something, for timed runs etc.? That sounds awesome if so. Looking at the site, the road looks to be quite dangerous due more to oncoming traffic than anything else; that's why I ask.
Bill Withum

The Dragon: 318 turns in 11 miles! You gotta love it:))
I've been up and down it a dozen times, but never in an MG (trying to make do with a 315hp M Rdstr).

I wish I could've taken this car on it while I had it...
Randy Forbes

Hi Rick...I'll be registering this week. Mabe Dan Masters will see this and send me info, I dont think I have it. Is your GT on the road yet.


74 1/4 GT
79 Roadster V8 in progress.
Morgan Sellgren

Anxious to see you all at the British V8 meet! It's
coming fast. I got my MGB 3.5L back on the road
yesterday. After a couple changes, it will be ready
to go! ! ! (Of all things, the weatherman predicted
snow fluries today. Oh,well. Thats Michigan)
Regards, Jack
John Renaud

The link is:

That should get you to the registration form.
Jim Blackwood

where's the nearest RV park to the show?
anthony barnhill

Looking at the 2003 Tail of The Dragon Events Calendar Mini Coopers have an event May 1-3. Looks like that weekend British cars will be attacking the Dragon.

What day during the V8 Convention is everyone planning on taking on the Dragon?
Jim Miller

Just a word of caution about The Dragon, drive it with the intent of having fun.

Just remember that if you get in a liitle too deep, ALL the fun will be quickly taken away!

The turns are very sharp and there is almost no time that you aren't turning the wheel to stay on course.

Proper etiquette is to stay in your own lane, not to take the racing line unless you can see ALL the way around the corner! You never know when a crotch-rocket OR an 18 wheeler is coming from the other direction.

For the most part, the road surface is good (the Tenn. side was resurfaced last year-I feel sorry for the guy responsible for painting the dividing lines!) but if you let a tire get past the edge of the road, you could be in DEEP trouble.
If you're lucky, you'll hit the mountain...
The cliffs are steep and covered with trees!

If you really want to have fun on The Dragon, go to the meet a few days early and spend a night or two @ Tapoco Lodge.
During the week there is much less traffic than in a carravan.
Take a couple of sedate runs to get a feel for the beast and then build up a little more speed (more fun to come OUT of the turn fast than to go into it TOO fast).

Wish I could join you (have to wait until August for me) and have FUN (NO accident reports or tow trucks)!

Oh, and don't forget to ask your passenger if they took their Dramamine BEFORE you get there:))
Randy Forbes

I know what your saying about safety. This is not a racecourse. There have been plenty of accidents and the police are looking for anyone trying to create one.
Jim Miller

jim,,, where did you find an events calendar listing mini stuff at the same week end as the v8 group, since i am trailering maybe i should bring the mini also?? sound like fun, jim
jim mdason

Here is the Tail of The Dragon calendar link. Found the link on the photo page.
Jim Miller


If you find the RV park let me know. We'll be coming down in a 32' class A and trailering the car, and I'd like to be as cose as we can, but hook-ups would be nice too.

Jim Blackwood

Hi, Jim And Anthony, I have never been to this
campground but this is where I'll be camping. It
looks pretty good on the web site. Here it is:
I think it's about 2 miles from the hotel.
Regards, Jack
John Renaud

Little Village didn't have any pull throughs available...&, they really didn't want my trailer to hang off the gravel pad of a back in so I could park car in front of rig (none are long enough for RV & trailer plus car) & suggested I could park my car in a public parking lot across the street...NOT! Airstream MH & car hauler are roughly 50' combined!

So, I'm gonna stay at Tuckaleechee Campground where I got a long pull through....oh, its also about 2 miles away
anthony barnhill

Thanks guys. I liked the sound of that Anthony, so I booked a site there as well. #144 I think. See you there.

Jim Blackwood

Jim...we'll be neighbors...I'm slotted into 140...sinve my V8 car sin't ready, I'm bringing a 4-cylinder & lots of memory sticks for my new digital camera!
anthony barnhill

Only 3 weeks to go !!

See you there !!


1974 MGB
1978 MGB
1969 MGB 302 V8
Pete Mantell

I feel sorry for you guys that are going to the show & are thinking of doing the dragon with your M.G.! I am putting the trailer behind my M.G. with the old TRIUMPH on the trailer & I am going to park the car & have some REAL fun!!!!! We were there 17 months ago, for 3 days with the bikes & we had a BLAST!!! I am going to camp for up to a week after the show & I will not be with the M.G.!!!
Glenn Towery

Neat idea Glenn, maybe I ought to see if there's a way to strap the Bonneville on to the RV or on the trailer with the MG. Shirley I can find time to run the Dragon both ways.

Hmmm... That means I have to put new tags on the bike though. And insurance, and clean it up, and change the plugs, and get a new set of idle jets, plus I still need to put the new headlights in the car and get the stereo working and rub out the clearcoat. This could be a problem, obviously something's not going to get done. Nope, the MG takes precedence. Maybe the Triumph will go to Pigeon Forge the next time down that way.

Jim Blackwood

Jim....just sell me the old bonnie!
anthony barnhill

Jim, I would get as much done to both as you can & finish up when you are there, or you will be realy PISSED off at yourself if you leave one behind!!!!!! There is NO WAY I will go there without the bike!!!!
Glenn Towery

Dang it Glen, you're not making it any easier on me here!! And Forget it Tony! I ain't sellin!
(Now how can I do this? The trailer's just barely long enough for the car, .......)

Jim Blackwood

Jim, There are a set of baskets that hook on the bumper & then you set the tire in the basket. I bolted a bar up top to the door of my old chev. van, for support up top, back in 82 when I rode her fron Tx. to Az. & back. Back then she only had 55.000 miles on her, she is at 88k now.
Glenn Towery

So I guess I can count on you to help me get the bike down off the front bumper of the RV and to get it back up there afterwards then right? I can use the tractor to get it up there before I leave and to get it down after I get back. Who's got a good deal going on old bike insurance? Think Pep-Boys would carry the baskets?

Jim Blackwood

Call 1-800-236-3113 & thay will sell you clasic bike inc. for a REAL fair price & YES we will get the triumph off the R.V., but I will not look at the H.D., it's TOO heavy
Glenn Towery

Glenn...check out the place where Jim & I are staying....they have tent sites....TUCKALEECHEE CAMPGROUND (865) 448-9608

...Jim...I'll be there sometime mid-Friday & will help get it off if you let me ride it around the campground (Speed Limit 5 MPH)
anthony barnhill

anthony barnhill

If. . . I can get the old green toad (70 BGT - 4cycl) running well enoungh, it is my intention to leave Nashville dark and early on Saturday morning and return to Nashville Saturday night. I'm very interested in a conversion (the MG), and looking forward to a test ride. Is anyone willing to let me ride shotgun on a short trip?

Steve Marquardt

Does anyone have a preliminary tally as to how many MGB V8's are expected at the Rally?
Michael S. Domanowski

Haven't found any wheel baskets, and I think I'd better stick to the basics for now. Sorry Glenn. Got to repair the trailer, I broke the tongue jack and one of the wheel brakes using it as a farm trailer (it's a long story) so,.. more work for me. Got to put the console back in the car, and still haven't done anything with the stereo amps and speakers. And I *really* ought to get the runs rubbed out of the clearcoat. Tomorrow I mow if it doesn't rain, and I'm starting to feel a little rushed.

Steve, I'll give you a test ride, and I know others will too. You will definitely like the difference.

Jim Blackwood

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