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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - TB fuel injection

Can anyone recommend a throttle body fuel injection system? I've fitted an Olds block, short stroke, large bore engine with Buick 300 heads milled for a 9:1 cr into my '68 GT. I've always planned on using the Holley 2bbl Projection unit, but I've never heard you guys give it a good recommendation. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of this setup? Or, can anyone recommend another TBI? I'm using the Offy 360 manifold. I know you've discussed f.i. before, but it didn't really answer my questions. Thanks for any help.

Joe Ullman

Joe, TBI is a great sysmtem that produsec great torque at low and midium rev's. Must the GM trucks come with TBI for that reaseon.
The holley unit works great on the small block chev.
One thing to consider is that the manifold is of a different design and the TBI would not bolt to the exixting manifold.

Find and Olds, unit and isntall it complete with computer and harness. The throtle response of the TBI is awsome. I have isnstall two Holley units on Chevy's I am not sure if Holley makes on for a Olds.
Bill Guzman

Thanks Bill, that's encouraging. I take it that Holley makes a 'generic' 2-bbl version that fits a square bore intake, or is it the spread bore type? I forget, but you can use an adapter if need be. Was what you used the analog or digital version?


Can I ask a question about terminology. I assume what you guys are talking about is a system that injects fuel right into the throttle (sort of like a carburetor?) What is the advantage of such a system as opposed to the type which has an injector for each cylinder (isn't that called 'multi-port' FI?) Sorry for being so ignorant, I would possibly someday like to go to fuel injection and I scarcely know a thing about it, as seen here.
Ron Fields

hey Ron,
sounds like you know enough to me. Fuel injection has many advantages over carburation, but as you state port fuel injection is superior to TBI. Fuel distribution problems can plague TBI as in a carb and throttle response is weaker than port fuel injection. However, the main advantage to TBI is cost and ease of setup over port type. You can simply buy a throttle body with injectors,TPS sensor, Idle air control valve, manifold air pressure sensor, coolant sensor, fuel pump and you're practically set. You can use your existing ignition system. port fuel injection by definition means that each cylinder must be controlled and extra sensors, and ignition systems will be needed to tell the computer when to fire a cylinder and you could double the amount of cost over TBI. Port injection can be superior because individual cylinder timing and fuel amount can be controlled to make more power as well as other benefits.

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