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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Testing the starter motor

I have had my SD1 starter reconditioned, I know the chap will have tested it before returning it but I want to do it myself before putting it on the engine. That way when the car fails to even turn over the first time I turn the key I know it wont be that.

Is it just a case of connecting 12V+ to the terminals (all of which seem to be on the same circuit) and the negative to the starter body?

Is it OK to do this? I don't want to risk over spinning the thing because it won't have the flywheel to work against.

Liam H

Yes BUT make sure it is clamped firmly in the vice or even by one of the lugs tightly if your vice is too small, as they have a huge torque reaction = they kick like a mule. This is not a true torque test as done on a proper test rig but a good indication of working order.
Oh yes, just touch the final terminal connection firmly but quickly on a tightened nut on the starter NOT the thread as it will destroy the thread. We are talking energy here! And another thing don't do your final connection on the battery as they have been known to explode if they are gassing.
d thomas

I've always tested starters with a 1 amp battery charger. If they spin, the starter is good. Its not enough power to make them fly, but it's a good judge of whether they are dead or alive.
Jeff Schlemmer

I like Jeff's idea, but if you want to check the operation of the gear engagement mechanism, either mechanical or solenoid, you will need a bit more power than from the battery charger. As D Thomas said, make sure you have the unit securely mounted before you hit it with battery current.
Bill Young

It's not like it's double barrel 12 ga. I test'em on the garage floor with jumper cables. Hold the starter down with your foot. :)
Carl Floyd

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