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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Thanks for the Great V8 2004 Meet

I just wanted to say thanks to Steve,Ted,Andy,Dan and anyone I missed,for putting on another great event.I had a blast.It seemed everyone had fun.Can't wait for Terra Haute,IN next year.Thanks again,MIke
Mike Moor

Yes I second that! Thanks to everyone for a great weekend, and especially thanks for helping me overcome some of the "difficulties" I was having this weekend.

Steve Carrick: YOU ROCK!

I had a coolant hose break on the way home, but I stopped in the friendliest small town in Michigan! Someone drove me to an auto parts store, and when they didn't have what I needed, someone else called ANOTHER auto parts store down the road and asked them to stay open for me... amazing! Other then that the trip home was smooth sailing.

I played around with my fuel injection today and it's starting MUCH better. Thanks to Evan and Jim Stuart for the suggestions on how to fix it!

You guys are cool, I'm looking forward to the next get-together. =)



Many Thanks also from Sue & I.
I had a total blast on the track and fun at the auto cross. The digital in-car video footage of the track and autocross brought back some great memories.
We made it home safe, after a quick stop in Lowell IN to check the 'low' exhaust.

See you all in Terre Haute IN next year.


Pete Mantell

Emily and I had a fantastic time. It was great to meet you all! Look forward to future get togethers. Being a newbie, I thank you for the information and the opportunity to view your cars giving me some great ideas of how to make improvements. I'm hooked!!!!!

David Burstyn
David Burstyn

Thanks too all for the wonderful experience. Lou and I made it back to NC with no problems. I know I will be talking about it for a while. Everyone was so nice, better than a family reunion. I hope to make it next year to IN. I think Lou has the V8 bug now. I don't think a guy can run the road course or auto cross and not NEED a MG V8 afterwards!
Evan Amaya

Another great show! Thanks Steve/Andy/Ted/Judy....One of the hilites had to be during the excursion over to Lake Michigan, and the surprise on the face of a local church custodian as several MG V8s swarmed into his parking lot and scrambled to put up the convertible tops as the heavens opened up with a torrential downpour - prayers must have been answered, as two minutes later, the sun came out again.
Most of us have already marked our calendars for June/05 and planned the route to Terra Haute.
Graham Creswick


Yep...a GREAT weekend!

I had many obligations, thus was unable to participate much, but it was certainly nice to see friends again!

Terre Haute will be a great meet...See you all there.

Steve, thanks for your efforts this year....Dan and Ted...great tech sessions.

rick ingram
rick ingram

Hi everyone,
Hope nobody minds me entering into the MG forum
but me and my TRV8 attended the get together in
Grand Rapids this last weekend and had a fantastic
time! Thanks to all who made me feel welcome.
Looking forward to next year.
Christopher Trace

I had a great time. Many thanks to Steve and all those that helped.

I really enjoyed seeing old friends and making a few new ones.

The cars get better & better each year. I saw 2 or 3 that will have me working all winter.
Jim Stuart

Anybody have pictures? would love to see them.
Bill Guzman

Many thanks also from Tita and I for being made to feel so welcome by you all !
Thanks Steve , Andy , Ted and all who made the meet happen.
Great to be able to put faces to all the names and thanks for all the helpful suggestions offered by so many .
We had a wonderful time and look forward to bext year eagerly.
Gil Price

Many thanks to Steve Carrick for his efforts & hospitality. Kudos to Andy Knaut, Ted & Judy Lathrop, and Dan Masters, as well. Great job!

I had a blast! Got to play "Walter Mitty Goes Racing" again, hang out with my V8 Fraternity Friends, and check out some fantastic conversions. Ol' Red is looking pretty plain by comparison. She did hold up to all my abuse at Grattan Raceway & the autocross AND get me back home 1618 miles later, though.

See y'all in Terra Haute!
Carl Floyd

Many, many thanks to Steve, Ted/Judy, Andy, Dan Masters and the other supporting spouses. It was a really great event. I had looked forward to the track time all year and was not disappointed (except for my backfiring making the locals think that a skeet shooting club was opening.....ahh, I mean the MG was backfiring!)The autocross, dyno, Fast Cars breakfast/tech session and all the other events were icing on the cake.
Sue and I very much enjoyed meeting and visiting with all our friends, old and new. Also got some great ideas for the MGA V8 project. I will be building two engines this winter, a 289" stroker for the MGA and a long rod Olds 215 to replace the worn out but faithful lump in the MG now. Always get a big shot of enthusiam at our get togethers.Can't wait for Terre Haute!!!!!!
Kurt Schley

Wow!! ...Carol and I had a great time at this year's Meet. Thanks to Steve, Ted and Judy, Andy and everyone involved in organizing this fun event. We always look forward to seeing our old MGV8 friends at these events and making new friends. A big part of the experience is wondering which part on the car will fail and the challenge of packing the right spare parts, just in case. This year I carried spare fuel pump, electronic ignition, coil, rad hoses, heater hoses, fan belt, throttle cable, and more. I guess I should have packed a spare alternator since that was this year's weak link, but at least I had an excuse to buy one of Dan's cool-looking chrome ones. Thanks Jack (Renaud) for helping with the installation. Also, a special thanks to Steve, Ted and Judy for the help and hospitality on Sunday when our exhaust was loosened by a bump in the road as we left for home. I highly recommed the Fast Cars Garage and Steve the exhaust guy!!!
Looking forward to next year's show.

Martyn Harvey

re: I guess I should have packed a spare alternator since that was this year's weak link, but at least I had an excuse to buy one of Dan's cool-looking chrome ones.

Martyn! I trust that it is not a "one wire" alternator! ;-)

(Those of you at Saturday morning's tech session at Fast Cars will understand this one!)

rick ingram

You're right , Rick!
The car is an 80 LE complete with 3-wire Delco alternator.
Joking aside, I am proud to say that we have been driving a home-built MGBV8 for seven seasons without any major difficulties. We have driven the car from Ontario to southern Florida, to Vermont, to Michigan, and across Ontario. I am still enthralled with the MGB V8 experience!!

Martyn Harvey

I would purchase a video of the cars if available.
E-mail me.


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