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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Thanks, Great Brit Conversion . Meet

Thanks to Kurt & Dan and others for a great meet. lots of great people and ideas. innovation is well and alive. really enjoyed seeing everyone. Carl is still "The One" on autocross. Mike is "The Smoking Doughnut King".
kelly stevenson

I'll 2nd that Kelly! It was a great meet and my thanks to Curt, Dan and others who worked so hard to make it successful. It was great seeing all our old only regret is that Kay and I had to leave early Saturday morning due to a prior commitment, and missed the wedding using wedding cars tonbridge...does anyone have pics of that long awaited event?
Mike Maloney

Yes, indeed. It was an AWESOME V8 meet.
Many congratulations again to Kurt & Sue, it was long overdue !!

The combination of Track day, autocross, Tech sessions, Special guests, Vendors & the best group of gearheads around .....WOW !

Sue and I made it home safe without incident, just a few rain storms to content with on I-71.

Mike M - I have a bunch of pictures, I'll send a few your way.

Thanks again Kurt, Dan Masters and sponsors.


Pete & Sue
Pete & Sue Mantell

Just to echo the kudos to Kurt, Dan , Pete and all the sponsors great fun meet and what a bunch !!
Had a pretty good drive home and back to 65 degrees Im used to !!
Good to see all the old friends and meet some new ones --lots of laughs and lots of interesting info to ponder for modifications
Thanks all
Gil Price

Denise and I had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and driving at Nelson Ledges.

Setting up the auto-x course at night after a few cold ones will be a lasting memory! "Hey, we need 22 empty beer cans to use for cones.....that shouldn't be a problem!"

Thanks to all the people that put this event on.


PS - we melted in the heat at the Hillclimb Sat, and then got rained on on Sunday. I entered a new class at the event and took first place. I'll post a link to the in-car video from Nelson and the Polish Mtn Hillclimb later this week.
Brian Kraus

It was a great V8 meet!!! And good to see old friends again! These meets just seem to get better every year.
And Kurt and Sue's wedding(congratulations again) made this a most memorable event. And thanks to the rain for holding off until Sunday. I hope to see you all at next year's meet.
Regards, Jack
Jack Renaud

Thanks to all those who organized yet another great event. Graeme and I enjoyed seeing everybody and chatting about V8 stuff. Really enjoyed the driving and the camaraderie. Once again we left with more great memories, more V8 goodies and tons of information and "new ideas".

It was particularly special to be at the wedding ceremony. Kurt was the first person I ever spoke to re: my involvement in the hobby that has been truly exciting for the past 12 years!!!

Looking forward to the opportunity for Canada to host the event!

Martyn & Graeme
Martyn Harvey

Margaret and I had a great time and really appreciate all the work that went into the event.
Nelson Ledges was great. Now I'm hooked on road courses, no more drag racing.


What a great time! Way to go Kurt! It was great to see everyone again.It's time to start planning for next year.Stickier tires for sure to catch Carl!Thanks to all involved. Mike
p.s. Any pics of the smoke?
Mike Moor

We're going to use the pics as black mail, with Terry, You just bought those tires!!!!!! :)))

Steve Carrick

It was a fantastic meet. It was great to see you all again, check out the cars and have a few beers in the parking lot with friends. I would like to thank all those who contributed their hard work to organize it all. Congradulations to the newleyweds, what a nice wedding and banquet. Look forward to Wisconsin next year.
David Burstyn
BR Dave

Before the meet I told my brother if he didn't go then ten years on he'd attend one and ask why he hadn't gone ten years earlier. It was with great regret that he went home before the wine party and doubtless it will be on his calender for next year. I think that pretty well sums it up. Non-stop good times. In the beginning I had my doubts about combining a wedding with it but it turned out very well and of course all the best wishes to Kurt and his new bride.

This year saw us making great strides in providing for the women's enjoyment and entertainment and I think that is important. Personally I enjoy having my wife and son at these meets as it makes for a good family outing. That we have different interests is a given, how well we can plan for that remains to be seen, but more involvement by them in the planning stages should result in a better overall meet. I'm looking forward to seeing how Paul and Margaret's itinerary turns out. Just make sure we have plenty of driving events.

Jim Blackwood

Thanks again to everyone involved in making this years a great meet. Patty and I left Sunday morning and drove home by way of Ontario, Canada and northern Minnesota. We arrived home on Sunday, August 12th putting 4,250 miles on the V8. It was great to see many old friends again and meet some new ones. We're looking forward to next year.


Al Wulf

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