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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - The cure for brake squeal?-and sticky clutch splines....

Just thought that I'd bring this to your attention.....

Months ago on this BBS I mentioned that I had found a compound that you applied to the back of the pads to cure brake squeal-I seem to recall that somebody asked me to post the details-my apologies to all of you who know about this already...

It's a blue gloop that comes in a small 110ml 4 fl oz bottle called Bendix Disc Brake Noise Suppressor part no 97A and it's made by Allied Signal Inc
Aftermarket Brake Division
105 Pawtucket Ave
E Providence RI 02916
I haven't used it yet as my 1144 pads came with a coating on the back of them out of the box but I thought it might be useful information. My local brake supplier has got a whole box (Enfield n. London) and I can post details if anybody is interested.
Another very useful looking tube of stuff that I picked up as well was LUK high performance sliding grease. It's possible to use a VERY small amount of copperslip when lubricating the clutch splines on the gearbox input shaft-the trouble is that too much and it gets centrifuged onto the linings. AP will not honour warranty claims when they find traces of copperslip on the splines and the linings. This LUK grease(art no 414001410) is made for the job. LUK are now a major OE clutch in Europe so the quality should be OK.

I'm not trying to sell this stuff-I just thought that you might like to know....


John Bourke
John Bourke


I certainly am very interested in both products.

Would you please post the name, address, telephone & fax numbers of your supplier.

Safety Fast


Nigel Steward

Hi guys,

I'd be interested too. I've found it's time to renew my brake pads and shoes, can someone recommend what to use? I drive the car reasonably hard but it does have to endure traffic.

Neil Cotty


I would be interested in break squeal product. Despite making up shims for Willwood front brakes they still squeal. I will probably change to EBC green stuff when pads need changing.

Paul Wiley

I've used a very thin smear of grease on every metal-to-metal surface on pads, shims and calipers and had no more problems for years.

Paul Hunt

The local brake/clutch specialist where I bought these products is :

Spares Accessories Motorparts Ltd
20 Downs Road Enfield
tel 020 8366 3446

fax 020 8366 9765

They have three shops -the others are in Hertford and Letchworth. They are AP/Borg and beck agents and also supply ATE parts,Girling etc. The retail price for the bendix 97a is 2.94 ex vat and the LUK grease is 3.28 ex vat. Ask for Richard if phoning. They mainly supply the local motor trade but will happily deal with callers -with some discount depending on the customer.

I have no connection with them apart from being a satified customer.


John Bourke
John Bourke

You can also use Graphogen in both brakes and clutches.

It is a pure graphite based engine building paste which has excellent high pressure lubricating qualities.

Most auto factors can get hold of it if they haven't got it in stock themselves.
Chris Betson

This thread was discussed on 16/01/2001

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