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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - The Orange Gear

I got my Orange gear from Rimmer Brothers and put it into my LT77 trans still no speedometer and I can't get it out I broke off the end trying. Sombody tell me it wont hurt my trans. Now I go to an eletric speedo because im through with the cable I dont need a cable for an eletric speedo right. Every thing works on this car but the speedo,cigerett lighter and the driver side tail light. I'm really pissed I just don't have what it takes anymore to fix some things. Also I am tired of spending money I don't have. Worse part I don't even have a garage to put it in. Thank you for letting me vent. I asummed to late, if you put a 20 tooth gear into something that had a 24 tooth gear it might not work and you screwed it up worse. Before the speedo was 20 mph off now it's 100 percent off. I feel better now but I'll feel even better when some one tells me the tranny is going to be OK. Thanks again. Denny. I did get my new steering wheel on, it's sharp.

This thread was discussed on 01/09/2005

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