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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Title Needed


I am helping a friend with an V8 conversion on a 1975 mgb roadster here in Norway.
This car was imported from California from a breaker in the San Jose area. It went from California to the UK, sat there for several years before it was imported to Norway last year.

During it stay in the UK the car was not registeret just put in to a barn.

This car is rust free and a lot of money is spent on it.
Due to new regulations here in Norway you can not register a car without its original regisration documents, that means the title.

I have been in contact with DMV in California and they said the could not help becouse the car has been of the road for more than 4 years.

Any of you US people out there know a solution for the problem, help is very much needed.

R Olsen

Hi Runar,
I live in the San Jose area so if you need anyone to help "on site" I am happy to assist.
The DMV in California deletes all records after 4 years of none-use so there is no way of going back past there. You can re-register and retitle a car, I have done just that with a 1963 Lotus Seven that I registered in CA. It is also a requirement in this case to pay a "bond" (like insurance) to protect the DMV from any claims from any other title owner, it cost me under $500. The big challenge is that to retitle a car, the DMV (and perhaps the CA police) have to do a physical inspection which I assume is impractical.
Tony Bates


How feasible would it be to swap vin plates? Here in the US, they hang you in chains if caught. I'm wondering if penalties in Norway are such that another set of plates with title would be useful?


KJ Dodd

It might be worth trying to register the car in th UK first, and then have the car registered in Norway. If you have the importation papers into the UK, you should be able to apply for registration there. Failing that, the registration documents and tags for a scrapped 75 'B should be fairly easy to come across in the UK.


Thanks for all suggestions, its like you say Tony the car has to be inspected by the DMV and that is kind of impractical.
We have thought of getting a new VIN number from a scrapped car, but the problem is that the car is registered with the customs with its original VIN number.
So the solution is maybe to go to the UK and register the car there and bring it back again.

Any know if it existing any Auto Title companies in California that can assist in matters like this, I have been told that this is possible in other states.

R Olsen

You buy new chassis plates, on free sale, and you strikes your original numbers, plus two pop rivets.

No problem R! Check out this website.

International Title Service
1-702-456-4027 Fax 1-702-456-4040
1-800-543-8626 USA & CANADA

1988 and Older Vehicles
1988 and older vehicles, includes license plates
Boats & WaterCraft Any Year, No Restrictions

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Please follow these simple instructions:
-1- Select Proper Vehicle Year
( 1988 and Older Vehicles )
(1988 and older vehicles, includes license plates)
(Watercraft, any year, no restrictions)
-2- Print all Pages for your vehicles year.
-3- Please complete all forms, call with any questions.
-4- Return the completed forms with your check to:

International Title Service
PMB 445
3342 S. Sandhill Road, Suite 9
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121-3455 USA

Michael S. Domanowski


Titta på denna länk, det verkar finnas hopp för er.

Köp bilen i Sverige. Åk över och ta bara reg. handlingar och VIN plåtarna. Skrota bilen där.
Byt plåtarna och regga den som en svensk import!

Lycka till!
Todd i soliga Florida

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