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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - TOTAL BRAKE FAILURE !

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entitled Twin brake circuits & master cylinders in the MGB GT V8 Factory Originals area.

I had total brake failure today, and am seeking advice on how to fit twin brake circuits & master cylinders, and where parts can be obtained.

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Nigel Steward

I can understand your reaction but what actually happened to cause total failure

It would be valuable to know what exactly failed on your brake system. Sounds like the master cylinder seals failed. That being said the dual systems sent by MG to the US used a master with two chambers and split the circuits front and rear. If any portion of the front failed the rear would still be available. With the machanical cable hand brake, of course, the rears are always available. On the the other hand if the rear circuit failed the fronts would be available. A warning light was attached to the system to warn of failure (low pressure) in either circuit. Now if the master cylinder seals in either circuit fail, they usually do so because the seals deteriorate, which usually means both seals fail about the same time. If the system is constantly maintained and the handbrake is always in good order, I personnaly don't see the advantage of the dual system.
Additionally, your failure may have come in the flex hoses. These are double layer. If the inside layer fails the fluid can leak to the outer layer with no loss of fluid but loss of pressure, which results in loss of braking. Check your hoses first and replace if deteriorated. Of course if these are bad, it is likely that the master cylinder seals are also bad.
James Johanski

This thread was discussed on 27/10/2005

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